ChatGPT-4 Preview

OpenAI has an update to ChatGPT coming out soon. It's called GPT-4, and it's incredible. Here's a preview. 


ChatGPT-4 Preview Video

Make sure to check out the video above to really get a good glimpse of what OpenAI's GPT-4 can do. 

Table of Contents

    ChatGPT-4 can see and understand images.

    This is really cool! 

    Oh, and did I mention to make sure you watch the video to see how this all works - it's worth the visual. 

    The most noticeable improvement to GPT-4 is the ability for ChatGPT to see images now, understand them, and provide feedback to you. For example, in ChatGPT-4's demo an image of backing ingredients is uploaded into the ChatGPT prompt with this question: What can I make with these ingredients?  GPT-4 than continues to provide you with a few choices. 

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    GPT-4 is integrating with Be My Eyes

    Be My Eyes is a fantastic app. Here's an explanation from Wikipedia: Be My Eyes is a Danish mobile app that aims to help blind and visually impaired people to recognize objects and cope with everyday situations. An online community of sighted volunteers receive photos or videos from randomly assigned affected individuals and assists via live chat.

    How it works (From Wikipedia)

    A visually impaired person starts a live stream showing their view from their cellphone camera. They are assigned, through a phone call or chat, a random volunteer who speaks the same language and who is in the same time zone. This allows the volunteer to describe an object and assist the visually impaired person, such as guiding the person to move their camera, read instructions, or clean up a spill. Through speech synthesis, content can be read out loud. This process encourages a more independent life for blind and visually impaired people.

    GPT-4 is integrating with Duolingo

    Dulingo is a great app to help you learn a new language. So, where does ChatGPT-4 fit in?

    GPT-4 will integrate with Dulingo to add an AI Bot Roleplay partner. Now, you can have a live text messaging conversation with an AI bot. It's almost too real!

    OpenAI, ChatGPT-4 Preview

    ChatGPT now has emotions!

    Uh oh! Is this the start of I-Robot, or more recently, the movie M3GAN?

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