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Getting some additional help with strategy or revenue can make all the difference in the world in taking your goals to the next level.

Choose your package and start by scheduling your first hour. Or let's connect and discover the best plan and schedule for you. 

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Coaching/Consulting Packages

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Consulting Topics Include

I help creators and businesses achieve 10X growth, improve their knowledge in the AI world and achieve their goals. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions include but not limited to the following: 

  • AI
  • ChatGPT/Prompting
  • AI Art: Leonardo AI, Midjourney, etc.
  • Canva
  • 10X Growth Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Airtable
  • Website Optimization
  • More

I'll take all the strategies and blueprints I've used to grow my businesses 10X and share them all with you. Whenever you book a coaching session, you'll also receive a prompts resources of your choice.

After purchasing your package, you'll have the option to schedule your first session or we can discuss the schedule most convenient for you. 

After selecting your package and completing your purchase, you'll then be re-directed to immediately schedule your first hour. You'll also have the option to schedule different days/times or schedule consecutive, back-to-back times on the same day.

You are more than an amazing explainer! This is by far the most useful thing I've done for my purpose. Thank you so much!

Walter Dough


"All I can say is Wow. Thank you so much for everything you provide. I bough your triple bundle and can't believe how much value you give out" You have a new subscriber in me!"



I was so impressed! You got the chops and I'm digging learning from you. The WOW factor is here.

Growth Tribes


"You're the goat 🐐 bro, thank you so much for your hard work and professionalism. You've helped me so much. TY"



"Hey Eric , love your videos. I've learned so much about Prompts and Ai from watching your videos. Appreciate you going through the steps and showing and sharing. Always great to watch and the tips and tricks of the "how to" is valuable. Thanks again 👊🍄"

Candace Dalia

ChatGPT prompts to buy, 1000 of the best prompts


Receive new prompts and prompt generators. I'll also provide you with first access to new products and databases with large discounts.

Improve SEO with AI and ChatGPT Prompting

AI News

You'll get the latest AI news and recommendations for the best, new tools. Receive tons of tips and techniques.

ChatGPT prompts to use for SEO purposes

Ask Me.

Have a question? Need prompt help? You'll be able to contact me anytime and I'll do my best to provide help and offer feedback.

ChatGPT Mega Prompts Database with tons of prompts

Mega Prompts Database

Thousands of the best prompts for every category, including AI Art, SEO, Content, YouTube, Marketing, Prompt Generators, and more. Only a one-time charge, but lifetime access. 

Leonardo AI Mega Prompts Database with Prompt Engineering

Leonardo AI Prompts Database

The best database you'll find. Hundreds of prompts in an immaculately organized database. Fine-tuned models, presets, filters, tags, and views. 

Photorealistic Prompts Ebook Digital Download

Photorealistic Prompts Ebook

Over 250+ pages of the best photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style prompts (with images). Constant updates

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