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Grow with SEO

And proven ROI-driven marketing strategies.
You'll RANK UP and increase your online visibility in a short time. 

Do you need to improve your SEO, website, or marketing tactics?
Achieve skyrocketing results just like we did, growing companies to 10X levels. You'll improve your website, online presence, and search engine optimization. 

Tomball and Houston SEO Marketing Experts

Build a thriving business with powerful SEO strategies and website design

Hi, I'm Eric! Let me help you expand your business and increase your online presence by launching your dream website while implementing sustainable SEO tactics to help you generate more income. Let's RANK-UP together. 

Eric Palazzolo MetricsMule SEO Expert

Welcome to MetricsMule

Your business deserves a mule. Why a Mule? Because mules are renowned for their incredible determination, hard work and trustworthiness in the harshest environments. Simply put, they get the job done. With MetricsMule you'll receive concierge-level service, catered specifically to you. We can build you an innovative website, improve your SEO, increase your brand awareness and provide marketing solutions to help you grow.  We've grown businesses to achieve massive 10X growth levels with the power of SEO and marketing and can do the same for you. Regardless of what industry you're in, the same successful blueprint can apply to you. And once your website is built, we'll apply our results-driven SEO strategies  to help you rank high and be found in the search results. Whether it's on-page optimization, technical SEO, local SEO, automotive SEO, or video visibility, we do it all. Let's do the same for you and grow together!

SEO is search engine optimization. It's your visibility and exposure when someone searches for a keyword related to your business? When they do, do you show up on the first page? Learn about SEO

Mules: Known for dependability and hard work. Their reliability in harsh environments allows them to take on tasks others cannot. See more about us. 

For sure. That's our main focus. Helping you grow and achieve 10X results. See more about our consulting services. 

You have to dominate your local market within a 10-mile radius and make customers WANT to choose you. See more about growing your automotive business. 

You NEED a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website that's also responsive (mobile friendly). If you don't, your competitors will pass you by. But not to worry, we're experts in optimizing your websites to awesomeness.

Just visit our YouTube page. And please make sure you subscribe because you'll be the 1st to know when all our new videos are released. Click here to visit our YouTube page. 

These are Results!

2 Recent Companies
Doubled Growth, Yearly
20k to 700k monthly sales
automotive marketing and websites

Automotive SEO and Website Experts

We'll help you grow your business in any industry. 

No one knows more. The last business we co-founded grew 10X, doubling in size every year both in sales and online visibility. This was done by building user-friendly, responsive websites and strategic SEO strategies and marketing techniques. Just ask us how. We'll be happy to share! Learn more about automotive SEO.




Grow your local market with innovate websites, marketing, SEO Google Search, more

automotive seo consultant



Cycle-time and severity tools built specifically for the automotive repair industry

mobile technician houston



Increase speed, efficiency and service with amazing websites, RO systems, more

Grow your business with an SEO consultant in Houston, TX



We have the blueprint, the proven results and we'll do it for you, too, see how

But regardless of what business or industry you're in, this same blueprint will work for you. We help people achieve huge growth levels in any industry or market. Standing out in a crowded market is critical today and we have just the blueprint to have all eyes on you. Let's go!

Houston SEO, Rank number One
Search Engine Optimization


How do you compete in a crowded market amongst the big players?  How do you stand out, get noticed and gain new customers? You'll increase your online presence, dominate your local market, and get found when people search for you or related keywords relevant to your business. 

  • Google Search 1st page
  • Keyword Research
  • AD Campaigns, PPC
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Consulting
  • YouTube, Video
  • Video SEO Services
  • Local SEO
  • On-Page Optimization

SEO encompasses a lot, and it's ever-changing. Luckily for you, you'll have a trusted partner in MetricsMule. Not only will you have just an agency partner, but you'll have someone who's rooting for you every step of the way. 

FPT website EX3
Customized for you

Web Design

Need an innovative, fast, reliable website? Perfect because that's just what you'll get.  Built specifically for your needs to help you stand out, increase brand awareness and gain more customers. Not only will you have an awesomely built website but we'll implement the most important SEO strategies to ensure you website can be found in search engines.  We'll build CRMs to keep in touch with your customers, improve your search results on Google and YouTube and install the most innovative tools. 

  1. Optimized for visibility
  2. Blog and video page creation
  3. Fast, reliable, and innovative
  4. Google analytics, tracking
  5. Responsive for mobile devices
  6. Security with SSL 
  7. SEO strategies 

Houston SEO Marketing Consultant

Proven SEO that have helped past businesses grow 10X

Local SEO Houston

MetricsMule is a Local SEO Houston Agency driven to help you grow, succeed and increase your online exposure. Our SEO Houston strategies focus on small to midsize businesses that want more of an online presence and to be found in search engines like Google and YouTube. We'll provide you with comprehensive SEO reports, your most important keywords, your competitor's SEO data and a results-driven blueprint to help you achieve skyrocketing results. Let's grow together. Click the links below if you're in one of these markets.
Tomball SEO 

SEO and Marketing


Consulting packages for as long as you need. Whether it's for marketing, building a CRM or you just want us on speed dial, we're here. Our most popular packages include comprehensive SEO blueprints to increase your exposure in your local markets with Local SEO and Google My Business listings.  Or try our custom CRMs built with one of the most innovative tools around, Airtable. You'll learn the best strategies to enjoy continued growth. 

Grow your business with an SEO consultant in Houston, TX
mock pres fish
Need a little creativity to get noticed?

Video, Content, SEO

They say "a photo speaks a thousand words"
                          But video speaks tens of thousands.

Beautiful videos, Blog posts, Vlog pages, graphic design and YouTube pages. 

Make a lasting, memorable impression. 

Have a presentation coming up? Great, MetricsMule will design one that's specifically built to have the entire audience on you. Or how about a promotional video? That's also our forte and you'll love the innovation. 

But one important aspect of content that has a big factor with SEO or search visibility is good content on your website in the form of blog posts and video pages. You're busy so we understand it's hard to dedicate so much time on this. But you won't have to with MetricsMule. We'll create your content, write your blog post or produce your videos. Anything you need, we're here. Check these 20 tips for better presentations. 

Popular Items

Here are just a few of the many services we offer. Don't see the one you're looking for? No problem, just contact us today and let's discover what you need, together. 



Technical SEO, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Video SEO, SEO Consulting Services



Innovative, attractive, and user-friendly websites designed to stand out and get found on Google. 



Memorable videos to promote you or your business. Experts in YouTube and video SEO

youtube video seo services


Get to the first page of Google, Google Video and YouTube search with amazing YouTube videos.



Custom CRMs with Airtable. Organize your data, inventory, contacts and campaigns in one place. 

video seo services houston texas


Boost your visibility, sky-rocket your sales, and increase your exposure. When people search,  you'll be found.

Let's grow your business.

Concierge Service

When you choose MetricsMule, you're not only choosing someone to build your website, an SEO consultant, or a marketing agency. You're receiving a partner, a friend, and someone who will be right there with you, cheering and rooting for you to succeed. Helping small businesses grow is not only our job; it's our passion.  We have 20 years of experience growing small businesses to massive growth levels.  The last business we co-founded grew to sky-rocketing levels, doubling or tripling every year. Want to know which ones? No problem, just ask and we'll be happy to tell our story and exactly how we achieved these incredibly successful results.
Are you ready to grow? Let's go!

How can we help you?

Tell us about you, your business, and your goals. 

Email Me: info@metricsmule.com

Do you want to increase your online exposure and dominate your local markets? Great, you're at the right place! With our local SEO strategies, your competitors won't know what hit them. 
Learn more about local SEO

Are you in the Houston, TX area? Let's work together to skyrocket your business! We provide SEO consulting in Houston, but also anywhere else. Click to see our SEO consulting approach. 
See more about Houston SEO

Optimize your website with our Technical SEO services to make your website faster, rank higher in online search results, and be readily crawlable by Google. Let's audit your website and rank higher. 
See more about technical SEO

Ready to grow your exposure with the power of video SEO? Rank on YouTube and on Google with our video SEO services. We can create, edit and rank your videos to boost your visibility. 
See more about video SEO

Partner with an SEO agency that will be there with you every step of the way. Boost your visibility, increase your traffic and receive monthly support and SEO tactics to help you rank higher. 
Learn about SEO

We're located in Tomball, TX. Need a website? How about an SEO agency to help you rank higher? Perfect, MetricsMule has the right blueprint to do just that. Schedule a discovery call with us. 
Read more about Tomball SEO

Houston SEO Marketing FAQs

Here are a few common questions for SEO and marketing.

Do you service only Houston?

No, we provide SEO, marketing, and web design services to anyone, anywhere, and in any industry. We're based in Tomball and have clients in many different industries, cities, and states. 

Why should I choose you, MetricsMule?

Partner with an expert with a proven track record in SEO, Web Design, and Marketing. Usually, when you hire an expert in one field (like SEO), they may not be as strong in others.
With MetricsMule, you'll receive the 3 in 1 concierge-level service, you deserve. We're not the largest SEO company in Houston. In fact, we're pretty small, and that's why you're more to us than just "another client." When we partner up, we'll grow your business, increase your visibility, and generate more sales. And it's not just for SEO, it's for web design, marketing strategies, and more. 

How can you help me grow my business?

Regardless of your industry, our growth blueprint will work for you, and you'll love the results. Here are five (out of many) ways: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization: We'll optimize your website for search engines like Google to quickly discover and crawl your website. 
  2. Responsive Websites and Speed: Your website will be speedier and mobile-friendly, which search engines love. 
  3. Website Audit: You'll receive a comprehensive website audit for not only your website but your competitors. 
  4. Marketing Strategies: Get ready to receive and learn sustainable and innovative marketing strategies with a proven ROI.
  5. Airtable Databases: Organization is an essential key to success. Wait 'til you see what we'll build for you using Airtable. 
How can I improve my own SEO?

Visit our SEO page, here and take a look at all of the SEO optimizations you'll receive; like on-page SEO, video SEO, Houston SEO, Tomball local SEO, and more. 

What platform and tools do you use for web design?

We use and specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce website design. With this flexibility, we've created large e-commerce websites, blog websites, business websites, landing pages, video, and podcast websites.

Houston and Tomball TX SEO and Airtable Consulting Company

Get Found. SEO

We help you get found in search results (like Google), increase your online presence, and generate more sales. Get ready to outrank your competitors and dominate your local market.

Websites and SEO Success

We do it all! We'll build you an innovative website with top-notch SEO services to help you rank high, create videos and presentations and provide consulting to help you keep growing.

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