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And now with the power of AI and tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Leonardo AI + more, I'll help you master it all. Learn AI, prompting, image generation, SEO and leverage the most powerful tools. 



From consultations and coaching to purchasing products, you'll receive incredible value. 


James Calcotta

"Guy is a total legend. It's the little things that he provides that make huge differences. Eric's saved me so much wasted time and now I have everything I need. Top guy, top YouTube channel, top prompts.


Jeannie Rivera

"Your content, your knowledge, your YouTube channel and all your prompt databases are off the chain! Top notch material that I can't stop using. I love how you keep updating.  TYSM!


Sara Harrington

"Wow! My jaws just dropped after seeing how much value you give us. What you provide is simply amazing! Thank you for sharing this. I'm so glad I got your prompt packages and Ebook.

ChatGPT Mega Prompts Database with tons of prompts

Mega Prompts Database

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☑️ Content/YouTube
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Leonardo AI Mega Prompts Database with Prompt Engineering

Leonardo AI Prompts Database

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☑️ Presets, Filters, Tags
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Photorealistic Prompts Ebook Digital Download

Photorealistic Prompts Ebook

☑️ Over 250+ Pages
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☑️ Photorealistic
☑️ Documentary
☑️ Animated/Pixar
☑️ Monthly Updates
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Prompt Producing Pro

5 Hidden Prompt Tips

Use Claid AI to generate amazing looking product photos

Claid AI

How to use Leonardo AI Image Guidance

Leonardo AI Image Guidance

Prompts to use in ChatGPT for investing

ChatGPT Prompts For Investing


Welcome to MetricsMule

Your business deserves a mule. Why a Mule? Because mules are renowned for their incredible determination, hard work, and trustworthiness in the harshest environments. Simply put, they get the job done. With MetricsMule, you'll receive concierge-level service catered specifically to you.

I've grown businesses 10X and want to help you do the same. Whether it's for leveraging AI, SEO, digital content or growing your website/online presence, let's connect.

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AI is one of the most powerful ways to improve your SEO. But be careful because if not used the right way, it can potentially hurt you. However, with my AI SEO blueprint, you'll definitely increase your rankings and online presence. 

Mules: Known for dependability and hard work. Their reliability in harsh environments allows them to take on tasks others cannot. See more about us. 

For sure. That's our main focus. Helping you grow and achieve 10X results. Whether it's to learn AI, digital marketing, Airtable, or anything else, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.  See more about our consulting services. 

Definitely. If you're not using AI right now, you're already falling far behind (and fast)! My YouTube page will show you how to leverage and use the most powerful AI tools like ChatGPT, Leonardo AI, Midjourney and more. Improve you digital marketing, SEO, content and design.🚀 Visit us on YouTube here.

You have to dominate your local market within a 10-mile radius and make customers WANT to choose you. SEO and powerful digital marketing strategies do exactly this. We've done it for many companies and we want to do it with you, too. 

You NEED a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website that's also responsive (mobile friendly). If you don't, your competitors will pass you by. But not to worry, we're experts in optimizing your websites to awesomeness.

Just visit our YouTube page. And please make sure you subscribe because you'll be the 1st to know when all our new videos are released. Click here to visit our YouTube page. 

AI is becoming more and more powerful each day. With ChatGPT, AI image generators like Leonardo AI, Midjourney and Firefly, you'll take your creativity to the next level. Need amazing prompts? Get lifetime access to nonstop, updated prompts. 

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Tomball and Houston SEO Marketing Experts

Build a thriving business with powerful AI strategies, SEO and digital marketing

Hi, I'm Eric! Let me help you learn AI, expand your business, and increase your online presence. 

With the rise of AI and the increasing importance of online search visibility, you need an AI, digital marketing, or SEO partner who knows the blueprints to help you succeed and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates.

Need coaching? Perfect. You're at the right place. 

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Grow with SEO

And proven ROI-driven marketing strategies to help your search engine optimization.
You'll RANK UP and increase your online visibility in a short time. 

Do you need to improve your SEO, website, or marketing tactics?
Achieve skyrocketing results just like we did, growing companies to 10X levels. You'll improve your website, online presence, and search engine optimization. You'll be working with a digital marketing and SEO partner that will be heavily invested in your growth.

Work with an SEO and Digital Marketing Agency that are experts in all things AI and ChatGPT. Visit our ChatGPT Prompt Genius Page 

SEO, AI and ChatGPT

Leverage the power of AI, ChatGPT and other new innovations to take your digital marketing and creativity to the next level. Want to see how? Visit my YouTube page where I show you exactly how to do this. 

Mega Prompts Database

3,500+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

Amazing cinematic, photorealistic, animated, documentary & prompt generators

Schedule a private 1-hour consultation

Triple Prompts Bundle

Triple Prompts Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Leonardo AI Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook.

Bundle: Prompts + Ebook

Prompts + Ebook Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. Constant updates. 

bogdan glisik 670336 unsplash 512x768 150x150 circle

Jodi Smith

"You consistently provide some of the best information, tutorials and prompts re: AI image generation and AI video generation. Bought your prompt packages a while back and they are incredible! Thanks!"

beautiful beauty brazilian woman 1102341 1024x683 150x150 1 circle

Lily Wilde

"Great video! I'm impressed with Canva Magic Write, combining your prompt generator. It’s seriously becoming a game-changer for me. Your Ultimate Prompts Database is worth every dime, in my opinion."

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Dan Dukes

"Thank you so much! I bought one of your prompt kits and man, I feel so grateful that I did. You're videos and guides are inspirational. I just subbed to your channel. This is a gold mine in itself. This is amazing!"

ChatGPT prompt engineering for AI art, SEO

ChatGPT Prompts

A digital marketing consultant that is an expert in innovation. Try some of these ChatGPT Prompts for SEO/Digital Marketing.

ChatGPT AI Art Prompts

Create stunning AI art masterpieces with Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Adobe Firefly, and more. 

You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called ""Leonardo AI"". Leonardo AI generates images based on given prompts. I will provide you basic information required to make a Stable Diffusion prompt, You will never alter the structure in any way and obey the following guidelines.
Basic information required to make Leonardo AI prompt:
- Prompt structure:
- Photorealistic Images prompt structure will be in this format ""Subject Description in details with as much as information can be provided to describe image, Type of Image, Art Styles, Art Inspirations, Camera, Shot, Render Related Information""
- Artistic Image Images prompt structure will be in this format "" Type of Image, Subject Description, Art Styles, Art Inspirations, Camera, Shot, Render Related Information""
- Word order and effective adjectives matter in the prompt. The subject, action, and specific details should be included. Adjectives like cute, medieval, or futuristic can be effective.
- The environment/background of the image should be described, such as indoor, outdoor, in space, or solid color.
- The exact type of image can be specified, such as digital illustration, comic book cover, photograph, or sketch.
- Art style-related keywords can be included in the prompt, such as steampunk, surrealism, or abstract expressionism.
- Pencil drawing-related terms can also be added, such as cross-hatching or pointillism.
- Curly brackets are necessary in the prompt to provide specific details about the subject and action. These details are important for generating a high-quality image.
- Art inspirations should be listed to take inspiration from. Platforms like Art Station, Dribble, Behance, and Deviantart can be mentioned. Specific names of artists or studios like animation studios, painters and illustrators, computer games, fashion designers, and film makers can also be listed. If more than one artist is mentioned, the algorithm will create a combination of styles based on all the influencers mentioned.
- Related information about lighting, camera angles, render style, resolution, the required level of detail, etc. should be included at the end of the prompt.
- Camera shot type, camera lens, and view should be specified. Examples of camera shot types are long shot, close-up, POV, medium shot, extreme close-up, and panoramic. Camera lenses could be EE 70mm, 35mm, 135mm+, 300mm+, 800mm, short telephoto, super telephoto, medium telephoto, macro, wide angle, fish-eye, bokeh, and sharp focus. Examples of views are front, side, back, high angle, low angle, and overhead.
- Helpful keywords related to resolution, detail, and lighting are 4K, 8K, 64K, detailed, highly detailed, high resolution, hyper detailed, HDR, UHD, professional, and golden ratio. Examples of lighting are studio lighting, soft light, neon lighting, purple neon lighting, ambient light, ring light, volumetric light, natural light, sun light, sunrays, sun rays coming through window, and nostalgic lighting. Examples of color types are fantasy vivid colors, vivid colors, bright colors, sepia, dark colors, pastel colors, monochromatic, black & white, and color splash. Examples of renders are Octane render, cinematic, low poly, isometric assets, Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, quantum wavetracing, and polarizing filter.
- The weight of a keyword can be adjusted by using the syntax (((keyword))) , put only those keyword inside ((())) which is very important because it will have more impact so anything wrong will result in unwanted picture so be careful.
The prompts you provide will be in English. Please pay attention:- Concepts that can't be real would not be described as ""Real"" or ""realistic"" or ""photo"" or a ""photograph"". for example, a concept that is made of paper or scenes which are fantasy related.- One of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in a realistic photographic style. you should also choose a lens type and size for it. Don't choose an artist for the realistic photography prompts.- Separate the different prompts with two new lines.
Important points to note :
1. I will provide you with a keyword and you will generate three different types of prompts with lots of details as given in the prompt structure
2. Must be in vbnet code block for easy copy-paste and only provide prompt.
3. All prompts must be in different code blocks.
Are you ready ?

"""""""photorealism, hyperrealism, cinematic-still, A striking street-style portrait of a rugged post-apocalyptic survivor braving the elements. Dressed in a plastic raincoat with a worn texture, they stand against a backdrop of a desolate urban environment. The rain pours down, creating a cinematic atmosphere as droplets splash against the coat's surface. Intricate details like patched repairs and buckled straps accentuate the character's resilience and resourcefulness. The scene is captured in a high-contrast black and white photography style, emphasizing the interplay of light and shadow,

Negative Prompt: cartoonish, smooth, texts, words, numbers, letters, signatures, watermarks, canvas, frames"""""""

Set in a sprawling cyberpunk megacity, a majestic lion stands atop a towering skyscraper, overlooking a world of neon-lit streets and soaring hovercrafts. Its robotic limbs and bioluminescent mane radiate an otherworldly glow, making it a beacon of power and authority in this futuristic realm. The style draws inspiration from the works of Daniel Dociu and Paul Chadeisson, featuring intricate architectural designs and a blend of sleek futurism with elements of nature. The image should have a cinematic view, capturing the grandeur of the cyberpunk lion against the backdrop of a sprawling metropolis.

A captivating logo featuring a majestic eagle in a stunning neon style. The eagle is portrayed with !sleek and powerful! lines, capturing its commanding presence and grace. The neon effect imbues the logo with a vibrant and futuristic look. The logo is designed in a !striking and dynamic style!, utilizing neon colors that !glow and pulsate!. The contours of the eagle's form are outlined with vibrant neon lines, adding depth and visual interest. The neon colors used are carefully selected to evoke a sense of energy and excitement. To enhance the impact of the logo, a !subtle gradient lighting effect! is employed. The light source illuminates the eagle from one side, casting a gentle glow that accentuates its contours. The gradient lighting adds a sense of dimension and realism to the logo, making it visually engaging. This emblem logo is perfect for representing a bold and powerful brand, team, or organization. It conveys a sense of strength, freedom, and leadership, leaving a lasting impression on viewers

"You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called ""Midjourney"". Midjourney AI generates images based on given prompts.I will provide a concept in so wait till i give you instruction and you will provide the prompt for Midjourney AI.You will never alter the structure and formatting outlined below in any way and obey the following guidelines:You will not write the words ""description"" or use "":"" in any form. You will write each prompt in one line without using return. Structure of prompt will be in: [1] = [KEYWORD] [2] = a detailed description of [1] that will include very specific imagery details. [3] = with a detailed description describing the environment of the scene. [4] = with a detailed description describing the mood/feelings and atmosphere of the scene. [5] = A style, for example: photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, Artwork, paperwork, 3d and more). [6] = A description of how [5] will be realized. (e.g. Photography (e.g. Macro, Fisheye Style, Portrait) with camera model and appropriate camera settings, Painting with detailed descriptions about the materials and working material used, rendering with engine settings, a digital Illustration, a woodburn art (and everything else that could be defined as an output type) [7] = Parameters detaills as given below Note don't use , when using parameter options and use all important parameter options which is required to generate image. Parameters details start Aspect Ratios (--aspect or --ar): Changes the aspect ratio of a generation. --aspect 5:4: Common frame and print ratio. --aspect 4:3: Common in television and photography. --aspect 3:2: Common in print photography. --aspect 16:9: Common in widescreen television and video. --aspect 2:1: Common in panoramic photography. --aspect 7:4: Close to HD TV screens and smartphone screens. --aspect 9:16: Common in vertical videos and smartphone screens. --aspect 1:2: Common in portrait-oriented photography. Chaos (--chaos <number>): Changes how varied the results will be. Higher values produce more unusual and unexpected generations. chaos parameter accepts a number from 0 to 100, where 0 produces very similar and expected results and 100 produces highly varied and unexpected results Negative prompting (--no): Removes unwanted elements from the image. Quality (--quality or --q <.25, .5, 1, or 2>): Controls the rendering quality of the image. Default is 1. Seed (--seed <integer between 0-4294967295>): Specifies a seed number to generate the initial image grids. Using the same seed number and prompt will produce similar ending images. Stop (--stop <integer between 10-100>): Finishes a job partway through the process. Stopping a job at an earlier percentage can create blurrier, less detailed results. Model Version (--version or --v <1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 5.1>): Uses a different version of the Midjourney algorithm. The current algorithm (V5.1) is the default setting. Stylize (--stylize <number> or --s <number>): Influences how strongly Midjourney's default aesthetic style is applied to jobs. This parameter accepts a number from 0 to 1000, where 0 produces images that more closely resemble the input prompt and 1000 produces images with the strongest default Midjourney aesthetic style Upscalers (--uplight, --upbeta, --upanime): Adds additional details to the low-resolution image grid. Multiple upscale models are available. Image Weight (--iw): Sets the image prompt weight relative to text weight. Default value is 0.25. Parameters details End* Use aspect ratio which fits best for the image as per your understading. If [5] looks best in a Japanese art style use, ""--niji 5"". Otherwise use, ""--v 5.1"" (Use exactly as written)Formatting:What you write will be exactly as formatted in the structure below including the ""/"" and "":"" This is the prompt structure: ""/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] ,[7]"". Important point to note while writing prompts , Never use / or : between [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] ,[7] Don't use [] while generating prompt. The prompts you provide will be in English.Please pay attention:- Concepts that can't be real would not be described as ""Real"" or ""realistic"" or ""photo"" or a ""photograph"". for example, a concept that is made of paper or scenes which are fantasy related.- One of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in a realistic photographic style. you should also choose a lens type and size for it. Don't choose an artist for the realistic photography prompts.- Separate the different prompts with two new lines. I will provide you keyword and you will generate 3 diffrent prompts in “”vbnet code cell”” so i can copy and paste.
Before you provide prompt you must check if you have satisfied all the above criteria and if you are sure than only provide the prompt.
Are you ready ?

These are Results!

2 Recent Companies
Doubled Growth, Yearly
20k to 700k monthly sales
Houston SEO, Rank number One
Search Engine Optimization


How do you compete in a crowded market amongst the big players?  How do you stand out, get noticed and gain new customers? You'll increase your online presence, dominate your local market, and get found when people search for you or related keywords relevant to your business. 

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  • Video SEO Services
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SEO encompasses a lot, and it's ever-changing. Luckily for you, you'll have a trusted partner in MetricsMule. Not only will you have just an agency partner, but you'll have someone who's rooting for you every step of the way. 

Customized for you

Web Design

Need an innovative, fast, reliable website? Perfect because that's just what you'll get.  Built specifically for your needs to help you stand out, increase brand awareness and gain more customers. Not only will you have an awesomely built website but we'll implement the most important SEO strategies to ensure you website can be found in search engines.  We'll build CRMs to keep in touch with your customers, improve your search results on Google and YouTube and install the most innovative tools. 

  1. Optimized for visibility
  2. Blog and video page creation
  3. Fast, reliable, and innovative
  4. Google analytics, tracking
  5. Responsive for mobile devices
  6. Security with SSL 
  7. SEO strategies 
FPT website EX3

Houston SEO Marketing Consultant

Proven SEO that have helped past businesses grow 10X

Local SEO Houston

MetricsMule is a Local SEO Houston Agency driven to help you grow, succeed and increase your online exposure. Our SEO Houston strategies focus on small to midsize businesses that want more of an online presence and to be found in search engines like Google and YouTube. We'll provide you with comprehensive SEO reports, your most important keywords, your competitor's SEO data and a results-driven blueprint to help you achieve skyrocketing results. Let's grow together. Click the links below if you're in one of these markets.
Tomball SEO 

Mega Prompts Database

3,500+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

SEO and Marketing


Consulting packages for as long as you need. Whether it's for marketing, building a CRM or you just want us on speed dial, we're here. Our most popular packages include comprehensive SEO blueprints to increase your exposure in your local markets with Local SEO and Google My Business listings.  Or try our custom CRMs built with one of the most innovative tools around, Airtable. You'll learn the best strategies to enjoy continued growth. 

Grow your business with an SEO consultant in Houston, TX
mock pres fish
Need a little creativity to get noticed?

Video, Content, SEO

They say "a photo speaks a thousand words"
                          But video speaks tens of thousands.

Beautiful videos, Blog posts, Vlog pages, graphic design and YouTube pages. 

Make a lasting, memorable impression. 

Have a presentation coming up? Great, MetricsMule will design one that's specifically built to have the entire audience on you. Or how about a promotional video? That's also our forte and you'll love the innovation. 

But one important aspect of content that has a big factor with SEO or search visibility is good content on your website in the form of blog posts and video pages. You're busy so we understand it's hard to dedicate so much time on this. But you won't have to with MetricsMule. We'll create your content, write your blog post or produce your videos. Anything you need, we're here. Check these 20 tips for better presentations. 

Popular Items

Here are just a few of the many services we offer. Don't see the one you're looking for? No problem, just contact us today and let's discover what you need, together. 


Technical SEO, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Video SEO, SEO Consulting Services


Innovative, attractive, and user-friendly websites designed to stand out and get found on Google. 


Memorable videos to promote you or your business. Experts in YouTube and video SEO


Get to the first page of Google, Google Video and YouTube search with amazing YouTube videos.


Take advantage of the power of ChatGPT and AI. SEO prompts, prompt engineering, etc.


Custom CRMs with Airtable. Organize your data, inventory, contacts and campaigns in one place. 

Let's grow your business.

Concierge Service

When you choose MetricsMule, you're not only choosing someone to build your website, an SEO consultant, or a marketing agency. You're receiving a partner, a friend, and someone who will be right there with you, cheering and rooting for you to succeed. Helping small businesses grow is not only our job; it's our passion.  We have 20 years of experience growing small businesses to massive growth levels.  The last business we co-founded grew to sky-rocketing levels, doubling or tripling every year. Want to know which ones? No problem, just ask and we'll be happy to tell our story and exactly how we achieved these incredibly successful results.
Are you ready to grow? Let's go!

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Tell us about you, your business, and your goals. 

Email Me: info@metricsmule.com

Do you want to increase your online exposure and dominate your local markets? Great, you're at the right place! With our local SEO strategies, your competitors won't know what hit them. 
Learn more about local SEO

Are you in the Houston, TX area? Let's work together to skyrocket your business! We provide SEO consulting in Houston, but also anywhere else. Click to see our SEO consulting approach. 
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Optimize your website with our Technical SEO services to make your website faster, rank higher in online search results, and be readily crawlable by Google. Let's audit your website and rank higher. 
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Partner with an SEO agency that will be there with you every step of the way. Boost your visibility, increase your traffic and receive monthly support and SEO tactics to help you rank higher. 
Learn about SEO

We're located in Tomball, TX. Need a website? How about an SEO agency to help you rank higher? Perfect, MetricsMule has the right blueprint to do just that. Schedule a discovery call with us. 
Read more about Tomball SEO

Houston SEO Marketing FAQs

Here are a few common questions for SEO and marketing.

No, we provide SEO, marketing, and web design services to anyone, anywhere, and in any industry. We're based in Tomball and have clients in many different industries, cities, and states. 

Houston and Tomball TX SEO and Airtable Consulting Company


We'll help you in your AI creation journey, from helping you understand how to use each tool to providing you with tons of prompts. Learn how to use AI in a powerful way to grow your business.

Websites and SEO Success

We do it all! We'll build you an innovative website with top-notch SEO services to help you rank high, create videos and presentations and provide consulting to help you keep growing.

How to use Leonardo AI Motion

Transform your images and creations into amazing generative video.

Experience high-quality video with Leonardo AI Motion with just one click of a button. 
Here's how Leonardo AI describes their new feature, Motion: 

Motion is our cutting edge new feature that puts you in the director's seat. Revolutionize your process with one-click generative video. 

Using Leonardo AI Motion is extremely simple. After you've created or have chosen a generated image, simply click on the Image2Motion icon on the AI image generation page (or your personal feed) and watch your images come to life. 

After you've made your selection, you'll then have the ability to toggle the Motion Strength. 

Motion strength will indicate how much movement your images will have. TIP:  For closeup images or generations of people, adjust your Motion Strength to be on the lower side. Having a toggled motion strength too high will sometimes create blurry effects and jumpy movements. 

But this is just the beginning for Leonardo AI motion. There's no doubt that they'll be adding improvements and new features to this down the road. 


Get the Ultimate Prompts Database Bundle That Updates Everyday

Get the mega prompts database + the Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. 

Prompts Database: Over 2000+ prompts, with new prompts added weekly or daily. You'll have lifetime access with every new prompt we add. 

🎨 AI art
🚀 Content creation
🎯 Prompt generators
📖 Storytelling
🍿 Act as
🔥 Marketing
🪄 Much more

Prompts Ebook: 250 pages of the best prompts to generate photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style and animated images (digital link also contains constant updates as well). 

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

Use This Prompt Generator For Leonardo AI Motion

This Leonardo AI prompt, used in ChatGPT will create Eight highly unique images for a variety of styles. Open up the dropbox below and copy/paste the prompt into ChatGPT. 

Once you paste your prompt, simply provide ChatGPT with two items: The number of image style you want (each number below corresponds with each image style) and your chosen subject. 

For example: 
2. Butterfly

  1. Ethereal style
  2. Bioluminescent style
  3. Cinematic style
  4. Electroluminescent style
  5. Photoluminescence 
  6. Vibrant colors palette
  7. Glowing paste purple phosphoresence
  8. Fortnite style


Mega Prompts Database

3,500+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

Amazing cinematic, photorealistic, animated, documentary & prompt generators

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

Leonardo AI Motion Prompt Styles

Let's look at some of my favorite images created with this Leonardo AI Motion prompt generator. 

Once you generate some amazing images in Leonardo AI, you can transform them into Motion Video with a simple click. 

One of the best examples I've seen in Leonardo AI motion is the actual images below. These were all created in Leonardo AI using the prompt generator (above). To see how they actually turned out for generated video, take a look at my YouTube video here. 

Leonardo AI motion bioluminescent style


Vibrant and gradient colors for Leonardo AI Motion



Beautiful, neon glowing colors


PHOTOLUMINESCENCE style image for leonardo ai motion
Price: $13.99
3500+ prompts and counting. Once you click submit, you will immediately see two links. 1: A PDF download that will automatically download with instructions and links to your prompts. 2: A direct link to the Airtable prompts database.
Cinematic prompt ebook guide


Bright, bold and neon Leonardo AI style



Photorealistic images for Leonardo AI Motion


leonardo ai motion cinematic style image, fruit basket
Fortnite style image for Leonardo AI Motion

Fortnite Style

Leonardo AI Motion Fortnite Images



Photorealistic, white-glowing images

Ethereal style image created for Leonardo AI Motion
Leonardo AI phosphoresence style prompt image


Glowing pastel purple silhouette


Photorealistic Prompts Ebook

The ultimate Ebook for photorealistic images, cinematic, animated-dreamworks-style, documentary, and more. Updated weekly with new images and new pages. 

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