Create amazing product photos with Claid AI

Claid AI is an AI hidden gem that allows you to instantly generate beautiful product photos, e-commerce products, professional advertisement images and much more. All done with seamless AI editing tools.

Claid AI is a all-in-one AI suite for beautiful looking product photos.

What is Claid AI?

Introducing the New Claid: Revolutionize your Product Photography with just a few clicks of a button. 

Claid is the new, user-friendly AI-powered suite that makes product photography easier and better. With a new and improved user-friendly UI, Claid is now easier and better than ever. With New Generation AI, revolutionary background generation, upscaling tool, color correction, image editing and much more, you can now produce professional and compelling product images with ease.

They also offer Advanced API – Integrated with over 15 AI tools to allow you to automate and expand your production capabilities.

Here are some of their best features: 

  • Enhance and Upscale
  • Resize and Extend
  • Correct Colors
  • Remove Backgrounds
  • Blue Backgrounds
  • Add Shadows
  • Generate Templates
  • Generate from Text
  • Expand Images Instantly 

Claid AI's New Studio

Claid AI's new AI studio makes creating your product photos an extremely easy process. 

The Claid AI Studio Dashboard

From the image above, the Claid AI studio contains all of the most useful tools within the menu bar on the left hand side. 

Simply upload your photo (the easiest method is to drag it directly into the upload box) and with just a few clicks you'll be able to create an awesome product photo that is sure to stand out. 

Try some of these prompts

Although some of these prompts are for shoes, simply replace my subject, i.e. "shoe" with your own.

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Achieving Consistency with Claid AI

Consistency is key.

One of the best things about Claid AI is consistency. 

If you have an e-commerce store or sell products online, one of the most important things you should do is to make sure your product images share a similar design, look and feel. For example, nothing looks more messy then having product photos with white backgrounds, colorful backgrounds or custom backgrounds all on the same webpage or website. 

This is where Claid AI comes in. 

One of the most beneficial things I've used Claid for is to create consistent images. 

Not only can you choose from Claid AI's numerous amounts of product photo templates or backgrounds, but you can also upload and use your own. 

Notice these images below...

I have the same shoe but on different backgrounds. 


In the image above I chose a product photo background template from the "city" category, and Claid AI did a phenomenal job displaying my shoe perfectly angled. Also, the icing on the cake is the ability to add different editing features to one image. Not only does the photo above show the shoe neatly placed in the background, but did you notice the shadow?

Claid AI has an option where you can add a shadow to any design. This allows your image to take on a more professional look and appeal. 

A photo speaks 1,000 words.

Having a good product photo can mean the difference between a conversion and a skip. 

This is another reason why Claid AI is such a valuable tool. 

Claid AI has a VIP-level feature, and it's the ability to enhance and upscale.

Have you ever visited a website where the product photos are blurry or pixelated?

With Claid AI, you'll never have to worry about low quality product images. With an assortment of tools to create eye-catching photos, your conversion rates should definitely increase (especially if you're current images weren't ideal). 


And speaking of consistency...

Check out this second image (above). 

Notice the comparison between the first image and the second image. It's the same shoe, however with differenty backgrounds. And although they contain different backgrounds, you'll notice that they still maintain the same consistency trait, city vibes. 

That's the great thing about Claid AI. They make it easy to create consistent images by offering different categories for your templates. 

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Claid AI Background Remover

This is one of the best background remover tools.

When it comes to removing backgrounds of images, Adobe Photoshop was always king. 

But with AI, it's all changing. 

Claid AI has an awesome background remover tool. With just one, simple click of a button, you can instantly remove the background of any image. 

I've tried this with both easy, single color backgrounds as well as hyper-busy backgrounds (where I didn't think it would be possible to remove the background), and Claid AI did it perfectly. 

Well...nothing is perfect, but Claid came pretty darn close. 


This photo (above) went from a busy, ultra-detailed background to a simple, white background to now this - Nike Air Jordan shoes sitting nicely on a school desk. 

All done with Claid's background remover tool. 

Blurring backgrounds

And speaking of backgrounds, Claid AI also has a really good blur background tool. This makes it easy to allow your featured product to really stand out from the crowd (or background). 


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