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Contact me today! At MetricsMule, you'll receive the concierge level of white glove service you deserve. You're not only getting AI help or consulting/coaching but a partner, a friend, and someone who will be with you along your growth path every step of the way.  Let's grow together!

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Want to collaborate with my YouTube channel? Let's do it!
Just email your details, and we can discuss packages, rates, and goals. 
Coming Soon: Brand, media kit. 

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Jodi Smith

"You consistently provide some of the best information, tutorials and prompts re: AI image generation and AI video generation. Bought your prompt packages a while back and they are incredible! Thanks!"

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Lily Wilde

"Great video! I'm impressed with Canva Magic Write, combining your prompt generator. It’s seriously becoming a game-changer for me. Your Ultimate Prompts Database is worth every dime, in my opinion."

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Dan Dukes

"Thank you so much! I bought one of your prompt kits and man, I feel so grateful that I did. You're videos and guides are inspirational. I just subbed to your channel. This is a gold mine in itself. This is amazing!"

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After you get in contact with us at MetricsMule, we'll have a good idea of whether we'll be a good fit for each other. 

During our discovery call, we'll get to know each other, and most importantly, we'll listen inventively and get to know your business, your goals, and everything you're looking for and needing. 

Just hit this button below, and choose a date, a time, and whether you'd prefer a phone call or a Zoom call. 

Good fit? Perfect, let's go!

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