Airtable Consulting

Boost Your Productivity 10X with powerful Airtable bases. Get fast, high-quality, integrated databases from an ROI-driven Airtable consultant. 

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Custom-Built Airtable CRMs, SEO databases, and project management workspaces. 

Ditch the spreadsheets, organize your contacts, automate your campaigns, and track your SEO Google Rankings. Work with an Airtable consultant that can help you with any structure, task, or integration.

You'll love what virtual Airtable consulting can do for you.

Track your videos, organize your content, create calendars, and watch your videos within Airtable.

Airtable for SEO

Improve your SEO, keyword research strategies, competitor analysis, and website audits.

Airtable content creation and organization. Schedule posts and connect Airtable to your accounts.

Airtable project management systems. Keep your tasks structured and up to date.

Airtable is the ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Organizer. See awesome ChatGPT Prompts in action.

Track stocks, investments, finances, inventory costs and e-commerce sales.

Airtable Consulting

Work with an Airtable consultant to help you improve your productivity, organization, and automations 10X. We used Airtable for everything and will help you build the same, extremely powerful bases for any part of your life, business, SEO, or marketing.

  • Online/Virtual Airtable Consulting
  • Airtable Training
  • Powerfully Built Airtable Bases
  • Automate Your Tasks
  • Integrate Your Favorite Apps
  • Grow Your Business
  • Increase Your Productivity
Airtable Consulting

Virtual Consulting

All of your consulting for Airtable will be done virtually, via Zoom video conferencing. Anytime you need to talk with us, we'll be here. Whether you want to learn everything about Airtable, want to build bases, create automations, or add integrations, you'll get exactly what you're looking for. We've tried every CRM, and nothing compares to the magic of Airtable.

Integrate it with your favorite apps like Google Sheets, ZenDesk, Slack, YouTube, CRMs, Email, Project Management Systems, Live-Chats, Inventory Management, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and much more.

Airtable Consultant Dedicated to Helping you Grow

Have you ever thought about working with a consultant? Are you currently considering it?
Perfect, you're at the right place.

Not only will you receive an Airtable consultant, but you'll receive a trusted advisor that's grown businesses to massive growth levels.
And with each business, Airtable was at the center of it all.
And it still is today, with MetricsMule.

You'll receive every blueprint and strategy we used (and currently do) with Airtable that helped us boost our productivity, SEO, CRM, and projects big time.


Want a FREE SEO Website Audit Built in Airtable?

Nothing beats an SEO audit built in Airtable.

Watch your SEO and your business skyrocket.

SEO audits are designed to separate YOU from your competition. If you want to level up your search engine optimization, a detailed audit is the best place to start. 

Our strategic SEO audits begin with an analysis of your technical SEO. We'll identify any issues and set you up for success. 

After technical and on-page SEO, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report on your keywords, keyword gaps with your competitors, and backlinks

Every SEO audit is powerfully built in Airtable. 

Schedule a free, 30 minute call to discover how Airtable can be awesome for you.

Here's how we use Airtable...

  • SEO

    Keyword research, website optimizations, technical SEO, on-page SEO, competitor analysis

  • Content

    Organization of YouTube videos, blog posts, and keywords all tied into one nice Airtable base.

  • Project Management

    To-Do lists, project trackers, automations, team updates, and collaboration

  • Inventory

    Keep track of products, expenses, financials, and monthly or annual subscriptions.

  • Clients, Onboading

    We create Airtable workspaces for all clients who use us for SEO or web design, with onboarding processes.

  • Finances, Investments

    Track financials, investments, stocks, and budgets with Airtable's powerful formulas and automation. 

Airtable Consulting/Training Features

Virtual Airtable Consulting: We'll schedule virtual consulting via Zoom calls to share screens and conduct real-time Q&As, training, and brainstorming. You will learn so much with each hour of Airtable consulting. Schedule a complimentary discovery call, today. 

When you hire us as your Airtable consultant, we'll provide complimentary Airtable bases, formulas, work automations, and more. That's right! Just hiring us as your chosen Airtable consulting partner, you'll automatically receive three free Airtable bases and a detailed formula guide base. 

Tell us your favorite or most important tasks that you need to be done to help you increase your productivity. We'll make it happen. Airtable has a ton of built-in automations and automation built with Zapier. For example, send thousands of email marketing campaigns with the click of a button (all done within one Airtable base). 

Similar Airtable automation, you'll be able to have your custom Airtable bases integrated and working perfectly with some of your favorite apps. Apps like Google Drive, Slack, Drip, SendinBlue, CRMs, Marketing apps, and more. We can also integrate anything with Airtable with the power of Zapier. 

We'll consult with you as long as you need. Choose from Airtable hourly packages, weekly, monthly, or indefinitely. Or maybe you need some awesome Airtable workspaces or bases built one time. We'll do that too! 

Why Choose Airtable?
Know the benefits

We've tried all the CRM platforms out there, and our custom CRMs built with Airtable are the best.
Want us to build you a custom Airtabe?


With Airtable, you'll have everything under one roof. Contacts, prospects, marketing campaigns, inventory, to-do lists, schedules, more. 


Integrate Airtable with any application and automate any task like sending emails, messaging, updating files and creating tasks. 


Customized just for you. Build client portals, schedule automated tasks or create online sign-up forms. Available on any device or via the app.

Have any questions about Airtable Consulting?

Email us, and we'll get in touch shortly.

How Airtable Consulting Can Help You

Airtable is a powerful, game-changing tool.
Before MetricsMule, we owned a large e-commerce company in the automotive industry that we grew 10X. We doubled our customers and sales every year and needed something to help organize all of our data.

That's where Airtable came in. 
Airtable finally gave us one place for all of our data, customers, sales funnels, inventory, scheduling, and more. 
And what's even better, we created some amazingly powerful automations and integrations with Airtable. We've tried every CRM and project management system out there, but none of them compared to our custom-built Airtable workspaces. 



Send thousands of emails with the click of a button, update inventory, create schedules and due dates or organize customers and products.



We'll build you an amazing CRM. This is a place that houses all your contacts and prospects, sales data and marketing campaigns. 



Tired of spreadsheets and not being able to quickly navigate and find what you need, fast? We'll solve that problem with our innovative solutions.



We use Airtable for all of our keyword research and will build the same database for you. This dramatically improved our Google search results. 

Airtable Amazing Features

Whether you're currently using another CRM, organization system or have nothing at all, we're here to make your life so much easier. 

Unsure where to start?
We'll set you up, provide training and even provide support even after we're finished. 



What is it?

Cloud-based platform that does it all

Airtable is a centralized place that houses all your databases, inventory, customers, SEO research, task management, and planning.



Hourly, short-term or long-term consulting

We offer hourly consulting services on an as-need basis or indefinitely. We'll work with you as long as you need whether it's hourly, weekly or monthly. 

Automations, Integrations


Do you integrate with other applications?

Yes, definitely! That's part of what makes Airtable so amazing. We can integrate Airtable with your favorite application or any CRM like: YouTube, Drip, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Slack, WordPress and so much more. 

Houston and Tomball TX SEO and Airtable Consulting Company

Airtable has been a game changer and has been used to eliminate complicated tasks, automate tasks and finally have everything organized under one roof.

On a personal level, Airtable has allowed me to increase sales and keep my customers up to date like no other platform or application...and believe me, I've tried them all.

You'll receive:

  1. Dedicated, one-on-one support by an Airtable expert.
  2. Setup of Airtable and creation of bases
  3. Access to pre-designed templates and formulas
  4. Immediate support and Q&A via messaging
  5. Training
  6. Full Airtable CRM builds
  7. Option to choose lifetime support and so much more...

Integrate with some favorite applications

app integrations with airtable

Airtable Consulting Services

We offer a wide array of Airtable consulting services and packages. Above are a few of our most popular ones. Have questions? Contact us today and let's talk.

Convenience, saved time, and great value. This is what you'll get when you hire MetricsMule as an Airtable consultant. Whether your building a large database or need an inventory management system, we'll provide you with all the resources you need. 

Keyword Research

Airtable is amazing for Keyword Research! It's like the ultimate spreadsheet but 10X better. Import your data from your favorite SEO tools like Ahrefs, SemRush, etc. directly into Airtable. Create instant notifications, track how many times your keywords are used on your website, in your content or in your videos. Airtable has instant filtering, sorting and wide range of view options. It makes keyword tracking better than ever.

Content Tracking

Take all the guesswork out of estimating how many times you've used your keywords in blog posts, YouTube videos, webpages, or tags. Whenever you create a piece of content just tag the keywords you use and instantly see a column listing how many times that specific keyword has been used throughout all your videos, blogs, etc. See the itemized stats or the total numbers. Airtable makes this actually fun.

Instant Automation

With Airtable, you can instantly automate just about anything. Oh, and you can integrate all of your favorite apps. Send 1,000 e-mails with just one click of a button. Integrate Google Docs or Sheets and create automations. So when one file is created or added to one app, it duplicates it in another. Receive automated reports, stats and reminders. Use Airtable as a calendar to notify you and help you keep track.



Airtable can amazingly do so much and it can be a game-changer for your business...if you do it right. But that's why we're here. MetricsMule can organize all of your data and customers, create formulas and build your integrations to your favorite applications.
When you choose MetricsMule as your Airtable consulting partner, you receive much more than just consultation services. Check out some of these perks...

  • Complimentary Airtable content creation base
  • Airtable most common formulas guide
  • Airtable how-to videos
  • Free Airtable SEO checklist
  • More

Let's Connect!

Just fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch with you ASAP. You can also schedule a 30-minute, complimentary discovery phone call so we can get to know you, your goals and provide you with the concierge, boutique-level of service you deserve.


We've grown business to extraordinary levels, with the most recent business doubling and even tripling in sales every year, for 5-years straight. A lot of this was possible because of Airtable. Their customizations, workflows, automations, and organization have been priceless.


Let us do the same for you!

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