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*Receive a complimentary prompt database or e-book for every hour of consultation.

Eric Palazzolo

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If you're interested in growing your business, leveraging the power of AI/ChatGPT or expanding your exposure with SEO, then you've come to the right place.


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Jodi Smith

"You consistently provide some of the best information, tutorials and prompts re: AI image generation and AI video generation. Bought your prompt packages a while back and they are incredible! Thanks!"

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Lily Wilde

"Great video! I'm impressed with Canva Magic Write, combining your prompt generator. It’s seriously becoming a game-changer for me. Your Ultimate Prompts Database is worth every dime, in my opinion."

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Dan Dukes

"Thank you so much! I bought one of your prompt kits and man, I feel so grateful that I did. You're videos and guides are inspirational. I just subbed to your channel. This is a gold mine in itself. This is amazing!"

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Common Questions

Whether it's ChatGPT, Leonardo AI, or anything else, we'll explore your most important priorities and get you on the right track to succeed ASAP. 

A user-friendly, fast, reliable website that allows your to post content updates and useful information for your customers. Plus content like videos, informative posts and so much more. 

Start by making your slides different than the status quo. This means less text and bullet points and more images and video. We know how to create your presentations to be memorable. 

Easy and we'll show you how. We can help your business be a trusted advisor to your current and prospective customers in your markets. 

We'll help you create or re-design your website to be fast, reliable and the ultimate customer experience. Your website needs to be a place customers frequent, but first you need to give them a reason to. 

First, it needs to be creative. So whether it's print or digital marketing, email campaigns, video or presentations, it NEEDS to stand-out. And we'll make that happen.

A CRM is a centralized place that houses all your contacts and prospects, their data and marketing campaigns, like email. We've tried them all and our custom Airtable CRMs are the best out there. 

We want to be apart of your team as long as you want and need. Whether it's short-term, long-term, as needed or indefinitely, we're here for you. By the hour, by the week or by the month, we're ready.

Yes. We provide training for you or your staff. Not only will we provide any type of service but we will teach you how to do it as well. We also provide sales training, trade-show training and design and presentation skills. 

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