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MetricsMule is an SEO services consultant in Tomball TX

Rank-up with Tomball SEO Services and Powerful Websites.

At MetricsMule, we have the expertise and SEO blueprint to get your business ranked higher in the search results and expand your online presence. Our last company went from a completely unknown e-commerce website to dominating search engines with every search term vital to us. And we did it with the power of SEO. Let's do the same for you. 

Not only will we help your business grow, but we'll teach you exactly how to do it to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition. Check out our YouTube page and videos below, demonstrating essential SEO techniques.

How Can SEO Help Small Businesses?

Hello, fellow Tomball residents. 

Are you tired of having low visibility online, a small footprint on Google, and poor search engine optimization? Well, you're at the right place. 

Welcome to MetricsMule, a results-driven SEO consultant serving Tomball, TX.
You'll BOOST your online visibility, generate more traffic, and achieve sky-rocketing growth. Work with a trusted SEO agency partner who understands our community and how to leverage the power of Tomball Local SEO strategies. We love our local community because we live here in Tomball, Texas. That's why we're so passionate about helping you grow. 

Get Ready To Grow! 
Check out an example of the last company we owned:

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Increase your footprint and online exposure with powerful SEO strategies and optimized websites. Rank higher, gain customers, and boost sales. 

Tomball SEO

Partner with an SEO specialist located in the same part of Houston/Texas as you. We've helped small businesses grow to massive 10X levels. 

Website Audit

Have a website? If no, we'll build you an amazing one. If yes, we'll audit your website and create a proven game-plan for your to grow.

How can MetricsMule Improve your SEO in Tomball?

We serve anyone, anywhere but we are actually located in Tomball, TX (77377). So when you choose an SEO consultant, choose one in your neighborhood who knows your area and can help improve your local SEO. We'll use the same proven strategies that have allowed us to grow other businesses 10X.

We've explained each important part of SEO on these pages:

SEO | On-Page SEO | Technical SEO | Video SEO | Houston SEO Consulting | Local SEO

Tomball, TX is the perfect mix of a small-town feel with the proximity of a big city in Houston. It's a town filled with an abundance of small businesses operated by some of the nicest people I've met. And just like any other business, they want to grow too. And we want to help them grow!

SEO Consultant in Tomball, TX

You'll need an optimized website to improve your local ranking on Google. When you partner with MetricsMule, you'll blow your competition away with a blazing-fast, SEO-optimized website that's also responsive for mobile devices.

Free Website Audit

Want to know where your website currently stands in the SEO SERP rankings?

Just fill out this form and receive: 

  • Full website audit
  • Your keyword rankings
  • Any webpage issues
  • Your competitor analysis
  • Organic page rankings
  • Title tags, H1, and metadata
  • Website speed
  • Optimization ideas
  • SERP
  • Local SEO rankings

Recent Vlog Posts

The Knowledge hub for SEO and marketing videos.

Why Use an Expert in Tomball for SEO Consulting?

Work with a partner who can build or create your website with optimized search engine strategies.

Local Support

Whether you're building a website or need an SEO consultant, partner with an expert who knows your area, knows your competitors, and has grown multiple businesses 10X in your area. 

Small Business Owner

We're small business owners that know what it takes. Prior to MetricsMule, we co-founded other small businesses in the Houston, TX area. We grew both of them to massive growth levels with SEO.

Website Optimization

A WordPress SEO agency in Tomball, TX you can rely on. Your website will be optimized with SEO-friendly URLs, loading speed optimization, link-building strategies, and enhanced meta descriptions. 


You're not only hiring an SEO or website consultant, you'll gain a partner that will be with you, every step of the way. It's the Mule way: Trustworthy, dependable, diligent, and resilient. 

SEO Audit

You'll receive a comprehensive website audit that includes data on your current rankings, keyword research, competitor data, errors, and ways to improve your ranking. Website and SEO audits are imperative. 


You'll receive detailed monthly reports, detailing all things related to SEO and website design or optimization. Examples include keyword research, SEO analysis, work flows, and audits. 

Tomball and Houston SEO Marketing Experts

SEO Approach

Step 1: Learn about your business

The essential starting point to any successful SEO campaign is preparation. And that means learning about you, your business, your goals, and your competitors. We'll set up a discovery call, either by phone call or Zoom meeting to determine if we're a good fit for each other. 

On our discovery call, we will: 

  • Learn about you and your business
  • Listen to your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Understand what keywords you want to rank for on Google
  • Analyze the websites of your competitors while sharing our screen (if Zoom meeting) to show you what they are doing
  • Determine how long it will take to achieve your goals
  • Discuss SEO strategies 


Once we determine that we will be a good fit, we will book a video proposal call to discuss what SEO packages may be best for you.  We'll discuss important keywords for you and discover what your competitors are doing. Then we'll run you through exactly how we will get you ranking on Google's first page in the search results. 


  • We'll provide you with a custom Airtable SEO analysis link that will give you complete clarity on everything we'll be doing with time frames. 
  • A payment processing link to complete the direct debits for seamless billing
  • Exchange important login credentials like website logins, marketing CRMs, etc. 


If we agree to the proposal, we move on to the next phase, Keyword research. We'll conduct in-depth research and analysis strategies specific to your website and campaign. We'll look for the "low-hanging fruit" keyword ideas that other competitors are not using, analyze the top-ranking websites in your market and see exactly what they are doing. 


The #1 thing we'll do to start the technical SEO and on-page SEO process is a complete website audit. We'll take a look at your title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and content across all of your web pages. We'll also create new pages where needed, like blog and/or Vlog (video) pages. We'll optimize your internal links and remove any "zombie" pages, and optimize your website's speed. 

Is Your Website Optimized For SEO?


Helpful Content

Rankings on Google

A successful SEO process takes time. Ideally, you'll see positive results within a few months. That's why we recommended a minimum of a 3-12 month campaign. Each month a content creation strategy should be implemented. A recent Google update is referred to as "the helpful content" update. Providing consistent, helpful content in the form of blog posts, videos, or new web pages is essential for a successful SEO campaign. 

On-Page SEO

with Local SEO

Once the technical SEO is set in place, it's time to continue to optimize your on-page SEO and local SEO. SEO is an ongoing process, and it's vital to tell Google that your website is continually relevant. Your H1 tags, title tags, and meta descriptions should always provide Google with a good idea of what each web page is about.  Performing monthly website audits is also highly recommended so you'll know anytime something is broken. Make Google Search Console your best SEO friend. 

youtube video seo services

Google Search Results

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone when it comes to search engine optimization. Understand the most valuable targeted keywords that not only drive customers to your business but also your competitors. Once you know which keywords matter to you, let's put them to use. We highly recommend keeping a detailed database of all of your keywords, how they're used, what web pages they appear on, and how you rank on Google. 

SEO Database

built with Airtable

You need a database to track your keywords, where you rank, how your competitors rank, webpage data, technical SEO details, and on-page SEO tactics. Do you have that? When you work with MetricsMule for your Tomball SEO services, you'll receive the most innovative, user-friendly SEO database to track all your SEO strategies. We'll create a personalized Airtable SEO database to help you track your online visibility. Some features include keyword tracking, SERP analysis, competitor research, website audit details, YouTube SEO, blog posts, on-page SEO data, and Tomball Local SEO data.

keyword research google seo

Choose Your SEO Package

We have 3 SEO packages to choose from: Boost, Pro, and Elite. Pro consists of everything in Boost + More. Elite consists of everything in Boost + Pro + More. We've even included some extra local SEO tactics for people residing in Tomball or Houston, Texas. 

Our recommendation for a successful SEO campaign: 

We recommend a 12-month SEO Pro package. Why? A truly successful SEO campaign takes time. You can generally see an impressive Google ranking boost in just a few months; however, in overly competitive markets, it can take longer. It's also imperative to implement your SEO strategies correctly. Be wary of the "rank fast quick" schemes that were popular in the past, like purchasing backlinks - that won't work long term and can hurt you down the road.

How to improve your local, Tomball SEO

Set up a Google My Business Page. This page will allow you (if you have a storefront location) to appear in the first page of Google's search results when someone searches for "near me" or with your zip code, like "77377"

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