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MetricsMule was founded by Eric Palazzolo in 2021 after successfully growing two co-founded businesses in the automotive repair industry to sky-rocketing levels.  The most recent was FindPigtails.com where he achieved massive 10X growth.
In just four, short years Eric tripled and quadrupled sales, dramatically increasing brand awareness and expansion. This was done with innovation, creativity, and a relentless dedication.
And that's why MetricsMule was established; to help you achieve similar results.

No one knows more when it comes to the automotive repair industry.

For 15 years Eric spent his time visiting thousands of body shops and collision centers throughout Texas and the United States, traveling to every major U.S. city and learning about repair processes, severity goals, DRPs and the latest industry trends.

The beginning days consisted of hustle, heavy travel, and a ton of sales and marketing. From door-to-door sales, marketing campaigns, website design, and keynotes he was determined to build a bullet-proof blueprint...and he did.
"I can remember flying to trade shows not knowing a single person and just trying to figure out a way to get my name out there. It was tough, but it worked"
In the end, it all paid off as his prior companies massively increased their footprint and growth. From just a few customers to hundreds of thousands of customers. From 10 orders/day to hundreds of orders/day. From no online presence to being showcased on Google's 1st page and YouTube's 1st page for every, major keyword.
You can (and you will) achieve awesome results when you work with the #1 Automotive Marketing Consultant, MetricsMule. 
Here are just a few accomplishments:
  • Developing the #1 most cutting-edge website in the automotive repair industry
  • Custom CRMs with Airtable that increased productivity by 50%
  • Creating an all-in-one platform housing online orders, emails, texts, scheduling and chats
  • SEO-Google search: 1st Page
  • SEO-YouTube: 1st Page for multiple videos
  • Memorable keynotes and presentations
  • Marketing campaigns with tremendous results
  • Eye-catching trade show design and setup. Eric's SEMA trade show booths are some of the most memorable booths you will see
  • Implementing an AI Live-Chat support, ranked tops, Nationally
MetricsMule was created to take this blueprint and proven results and apply them to you.

Mules are renowned for their performance and trustworthiness in the harhest environments.

MetricsMule is the hardest working SEO consultant in Houston and Tomball TX

Highly Prized

Mules: considered one of the most valuable animals for hundreds of years by farmers, travelers, and militaries.

Hard Working

More stamina and strength than a horse and can carry people long distances, safely  with limited rest


Tougher but patient, exhibiting high intelligence and sure-footedness in dangerous situations. 


Trusted, relied upon and able to take on the toughest terrain in the harshest environments where none other can go

Want higher rankings and more traffic?

Then you've come to the right place. Get ready to grow your business, increase your online visibility and gain more customers.

Why partner with MetricsMule?

You'll receive not only a partner but an advisor, a consultant, and a friend. We'll be alongside you during your journey, providing concierge-level support and helping you achieve similar results that we have.

Before MetricsMule, we co-founded two businesses, with the most recent one going 0-60 FAST.  This resulted from implementing results-driven SEO strategies, building unique websites, and creative marketing. You deserve to achieve massive growth, too...and you can.

Scroll down to see how it started and learn more about us.

You deserve a mule.

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User-friendly, fast, and responsive websites built specifically for you. You'll have the latest designs, features, and innovations.


SEO Growth

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Skills & Expertise

Eric started out heavily in outside sales and marketing, going door-to-door and facing rejection after rejection. However, his passion and drive allowed him to figure out the most creative ways to become successful, and that experience proved incredibly valuable. Having endured many natural disasters in business in the form of massive hurricanes, cold freezes, floods, and a pandemic, Eric realized the importance of learning how to pivot, adapt and innovate. Regardless of the circumstance, each business continued to grow at rapid levels year in and year out. That's because of three things...

  1. SEO
  2. Marketing Strategies
  3. User-Friendly Websites
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Creative Marketing



Favorite things

Spending time with family, working out, learning, traveling, reading, helping businesses achieve success

Favorite Books

The Bible, Steve Jobs, Shoe Dog, Bad Blood (Theranos), Pitch Anything, The Wolf of Wall street, The Hunger Games

Best Advice

Never give up.

Favorite Place

My home (Texas) and Hawaii. 

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We provide you with strategies and blueprints that no one else does. And when your project is complete, we'll still be right there with you and available whenever you need us. It's our passion to help small businesses grow. We've done it, and now we want to help you do it, too. 

Need a website? We'll handle the entire process from start to finish and provide you with detailed reports each week on what was done. Your website will be set up with one of our SEO packages: Boost, Pro, or Elite. These packages include strategies that others charge way more for. 

Websites and SEO: Why have a website if you can't be found? That's where our SEO blueprints come into play. Regardless of what package you select, our On-Page SEO strategies, technical SEO strategies, or video SEO services will ensure you see an increased ranking in the search results. 

Reports: Whether we build you a website or you hire us as your SEO consultant, you'll have access to full, custom reports built in Airtable that will house the most vital information to help you succeed. 

Google, Search

When people search, you'll be found, online and video. 

Marketing Growth

Expand your presence and increase your footprint

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