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Automotive SEO Services Increase Your Rankings on Google

Are you in the automotive repair industry? Get ready to skyrocket your online visibility, boost your sales, and increase your brand exposure. 
  We have the blueprint for backing it up, too. Partner with an automotive SEO company expert who has grown their own businesses in automotive repair 10X in a short time. Not only will you boost your online presence, but we'll show you exactly how to do it and keep it going.

Rank Higher Automotive search engine optimization tactics

Rank Higher Automotive search engine optimization tactics

When customers search for your business or for keywords related to your automotive shop, you need to appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, and even YouTube. This may seem difficult, and when you're competing with many established competitors, it can be. But the good news is that you're partnering with an automotive SEO expert who knows the exact blueprint for success. 

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Search Engines Google, Bing and YouTube

Search Engines Google, Bing and YouTube

The main search engines are Google, YouTube, and Bing. There are a few others as well, like DuckDuckGo. But regardless of what search engines are used, you should appear in the top results, somewhere. There are many creative ways to make this happen even if you have a lower budget and are a small fish in a big pond of competitors. These days there are many ways to search: 

  • Regular Google Search
  • Google Image Search
  • Google Video Search
  • Google Maps 
  • Local Search, I.E. "near me" 
  • YouTube Search (different results than Google)
Local SEO Rank your shop in local search results

Local SEO Rank your shop in local search results

A big factor for you to rank high for SEO in the automotive industry is by using the power of Local SEO, aka Google My Business. If you're not doing this, stop what you're doing, and do it now. Automotive Local SEO is when someone searches for a business in your industry "near me." Here are some examples: 

  • Body Shop Near Me
  • Automotive Repair "77377" (Your Zip Code)
  • Local Collision Shop (Allowing Google or any search engine access to your location) 
Local SEO for the automotive repair industry
Google analytics for automotive seo
Google Analytics Understand your website's traffic and keywords

Google Analytics Understand your website's traffic and keywords

It's always great to get a boost and increase in website traffic, but you should know how your customers found you. This is the power of Google Analytics. And it's not just Google Analytics, there are many other tools we utilize and we'll teach you how to use them. You'll be able to understand: 

  • Your Users (Visitors)
  • Visitor Behavior
  • Acquisition 
  • Conversion Rates
  • Paths to E-Commerce Sales
  • Sales By Source
  • Google Ads Metrics
  • Which Keywords Were Used To Find You
  • Geographical Data
  • Demographics
  • So Much More

SEO for Automotive Onboarding

Let's get started! Here's how...

Contact Us.

Email us via our contact page or schedule a discovery session for a phone or Zoom call. We'll learn about you, your business, your competitors, and your SEO goals.

Website Audit

We'll conduct a comprehensive website audit to learn its current SEO performance, and what we can fix, improve, and add. This will be your guide and map. 


After our call, we'll create your customized proposal and SEO growth blueprint. Choose from three SEO packages; Boost, Pro, or Elite. Sign the proposal, and we begin!

Keywords, Analysis

We'll research your most important keywords, analyze your competitors and start our automotive SEO game plan to help you rank higher. 

Expect the best.

You won't be partnering with just any automotive SEO company. 
You'll be working with SEO experts who know the automotive repair industry inside and out. Read more about our experience, here.
We've worked in the automotive repair industry for 20 years and have worked closely with body shops and collision centers, mechanical shops, mobile companies, ADAS companies, parts suppliers and insurance companies. We know the importance of customer service, severity, and cycle time because we've been there. We've met and worked very closely with the largest body shop MSOs and the smallest independent repair shops. We've partnered with the largest insurance companies and worked with the smaller, regional insurance companies Nationwide. So when you choose MetricsMule, you'll choose a partner, a friend and an automotive SEO expert who already knows the industry lingo, the ins and outs, and the exact blueprint to help your grow and boost your online visibility. We're cheering for you. 

Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Learn more about each automotive SEO feature.

  • Technical SEO

    Automotive technical SEO is essential to increase your online presence. This involves optimizing the back end of your website.

    More about technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO

    Each webpage will be optimized for search engines to successfully understand what your website is about. 

    More about on-page SEO
  • About SEO

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the art of increasing your online visibility in search engines like Google.

    More about SEO
  • Local SEO

    Local automotive SEO is optimizing your website whenever a user searches for "near me" or via their location. This is extremely important. 

    Learn more about local SEo
  • Video SEO

    Your automotive shop or business needs video. Rank your videos on Google and YouTube so new customers will find you. 

    More about video SEO
  • In Texas?

    We serve anyone, anywhere but are located in Houston/Tomball, Texas. If you are too, let's discover unique local SEO tactics to help you rank high.

    See Tomball, Houston SEO
FAQs Automotive SEO Portfolio of Success

FAQs Automotive SEO Portfolio of Success

If you’re familiar with the terms "automotive pigtail, automotive connector" then you've probably heard of our last business, FindPigtails.

We took this business to 10X growth levels with our powerful SEO strategies, innovative website, and succesful marketing blueprints.

Here are a few pointers to improve your SEO for any business in the automotive repair industry. These automotive SEO tips are only a few out of many (and there are many), but these can give you a head start. 

Want to learn more and improve your online search presence?

Schedule a discovery call with us. 

One very important factor that is sometimes overlooked in the automotive repair industry is having a responsive website. This means your website is optimized to be mobile friendly (on phones, iPads, etc.). Online searches are now almost conducted via phones 50% of the time. Does your website look good on your phone, and is it fast enough?

What is automotive SEO?

Automotive SEO, when done correctly, will rank your shop or business at the top of online search engine results like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and YouTube. Partner with an automotive SEO company and agency that has sat precisely where you are. Before MetricsMule, we owned our own automotive businesses, which grew to massive levels with the power of SEO. We have the SEO blueprints for automotive, and we'll implement all of the ROI-driven and proven strategies we've used ourselves. Not only that, but we'll teach you exactly how to do it.

Ready to get started? Let's grow together!

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