Leonardo AI Image Guidance is a Creator's Secret Weapon

Use Leonardo AI Image Guidance to create consistent style images and characters in one click

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Using Leonardo AI Image Guidance to Create Similar Characters

What is Image Guidance?

Leonardo AI Image Guidance is a tool that allows you to leverage images and photos to guide your generation. For example, if I have an image of a woman (just a plain, generic image) with a gray background, I can instantly change that background to anything else I want, like a tropical beach. 

And to take things even further, you can even use the power of Leonardo AI's fine-tuned models, Alchemy presets, and Elements to really generate some incredibly unique images, all while maintaining the same character consistency. 

How do you use Image Guidance?

It's quite simple. 
Just upload an image or select one from your recent generations. 
Use Leonardo AI image guidance to change the background of any photo

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See the difference?

Compared to the first image (above), this is how my new image looks. 

Using image guidance, I changed the background simply by using this prompt: 

Beautiful woman, background is a tropical beach. 

That's literally all it took. 

Image guidance with Leonardo AI

Now it is time to take things a step further. Let's see what happens when you add a unique Leonardo AI Alchemy preset. For the image below, I used the 3D Render preset.

Using presets for image guidance

You might not notice much difference in the above image (it was meant that way), but there is. I used 3D Render.

But watch this...

Now, let's make things fun.

In the image below, l used an Alchemy preset (3D Render) plus an Element (Toon & Anime). The awesome thing about this is that it still maintains the same character style (but in cartoon form).

Image guidance combined with a leonardo ai element

Adjusting the Image Guidance Strength

Use the Leonardo AI Image Guidance toggle bar to change the guidance strength. 

A lower number gives Leonardo AI more flexibility and control to sway away from the original image. 

For example, in my original image, I just created a woman looking directly into the camera from the neck up. 

If you use image guidance with a higher number, Leonardo AI will generate a new image as similar as possible to the original one. 

If you toggle the strength to a lower number, Leonardo AI can now make more adjustments to your image. This works well, especially if you're trying to make your character have a different pose, etc. 

Take a look at the image below. 

And remember, all of these images were created using the original image (the generic front-posing image of a woman). 

Image guidance different pose

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