Practical Marketing Advice

4.5 Marketing Strategy Tips that Helped me close multiple million-dollar deals. 


Practical Marketing Advice and Strategies to Follow

Marketing and Sales can be tough. Who likes getting told "NO" all the time or having doors continuously slammed in their face? Not me. 
But I did it for years. And years. And years. So many years, in fact, that I was able to learn the hard way. But luckily, I was able to learn from all of my mistakes and misfortunes and I'm sharing them (what worked) with you. 

But, make sure you watch the video above - that's the biggest takeaway. 

Table of Contents

    Practical Marketing Tip #1

    Be an advisor and "not just a vendor"

    Too many marketers get caught up in price wars, phone call tagging games, and constant appeasing, leading to desperation. 

    Don't do that. 

    Here's what you do (but it takes patience and discipline). 

    Become more of a trusted advisor, rather than a vendor, or someone that customers just view as "someone they use." 


    Start by making your website become a knowledge hub. Don't have your website be all about you, how awesome you are, how great your services are, etc. 


    Make it a place your customers want to visit to learn more industry-related knowledge. 

    For example: 
    The company I previously owned was an e-commerce website. We sold a very niche automotive part. A customer's prime focus on our website (before I implemented this marketing strategy) was solely to purchase a part they needed. 

    But I changed that. 

    I redesigned my website to now include a BLOG page and a VLOG page. And it worked, magically. My website now became a place people (prospects) would visit and depend on to read the most recent news in the automotive industry. 

    So even though they weren't buying a part today. That's okay. 

    Because when they did need one, who do you think they remembered? 

    Yup, ours. 

    Because they became familiar with my website and frequented it more often to read automotive industry-related news, they remembered us. 


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    Practical Marketing Tip #2

    A piece of helpful advice (from past experiences): Make it about them (not you). 

    The following examples are real...
    These are real emails I get frequently where the sender attempts to relate to me (their prospect) by telling me about themselves, their product, or their "wants". 

    1. "We've formed a strategic partnership with (some company) and it made us the premier...blah blah blah"

      Ok, cool. But so what. 

    2. "I am a local account manager in South Texas. I would like to schedule some time with you so you can learn about our new IT strategies"

      You would like? How does that help me? And, I don't want to learn about your new IT stuff

    3. "Learn why people consider us the most trusted expert in XYZ"
      No thanks. 

    See the common denominator?

    Everything is about THEM.


    Practical Marketing Tip #3

    Be different. Not like everybody else. 

    For this piece of advice, I recommend watching the video above to see what I mean. 

    But just be a little different than everyone else. For example, picture yourself at an after-conference cocktail party. 

    In your head, can you imagine how most people will approach their dream prospects? Chances are, it's probably very similar to everyone else. 

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    Practical Marketing Tip #4

    Improve your e-mails. 

    Instead of using the same things everyone else does, be different to stand out. 

    For example, most people send newsletters, email marketing campaigns, etc., using robust CRMs. This is fine and often justified and valuable. 

    However, if it's a person who has yet to sign up for your marketing collateral or you don't know them too well, this runs the risk of them hitting that good ole unsubscribe button. 

    I mean, that's okay. It happens. But you want to avoid being known as a spammer, so it's best to limit this. 

    What to do instead...

    Use a GIF file in your emails. 

    That way you still capture the attention of the receiver but you're also limiting the chance of your email getting blocked into spam mail because of high amounts of images and design features. 

    Practical Marketing Tip #4.5

    Give first. Receive later. 

    I'm making this (4.5) instead of # 5 because it kind of ties into what was mentioned earlier, but this piece of advice works wonders. 

    It takes patience and discipline, but the ROI is awesome. 

    For this one, I also recommend watching the video above to see what I mean. 

    But to summarize...

    Make sure you've provided value to your prospects first before even thinking about asking them for something (to use you, purchase your product, etc.). 

    Far too many times I've seen people quickly jump to their prospective customers and just bluntly ask them if they can work together, be their chosen vendor, or buy something from their website. 

    Why should they?

    Don't really know you (yet) so how can they trust that what they'll receive on their end is worth their while and investment? 

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