Tip to get to the first page of Google

Rank on the first page of Google with this Video SEO tip.


Before MetricsMule, I had another business that doubled or tripled yearly for five years straight, essentially growing it 10X in a short time.

We went from having a negative balance in our bank account to massively growing at a skyrocketing level.

Hopefully, this doesn't appear arrogant, but I just want to simply share with you everything that worked for me.

That's why MetricsMule was created. Whether it's SEO, marketing, web design, or technology, I hope any of my videos help someone somewhere.

I went from being on the 10th-20th page in Google Search Results to the first page for almost every important keyword for our business. And now, with MetricsMule, I hope any of my tips provide a benefit for someone.

This tip worked for me. Big time! But maybe it won't work for you. Or maybe another video I post down the road becomes the secret sauce that works for you (but not for someone else).

Each market, business, and competitors are different, and I completely understand that. But in my case (this might seem simple), it worked well for me. And unfortunately, I think there are many people who may overlook this.

Here's more on Video SEO Services. 

Here's the breakdown of the video above:

00:00 Introduction

01:33 Brief overview

02:25 Appear for your important keywords

03:00 The importance of Video SEO

05:33 Uploading your video to YouTube and your website

07:00 Conclusion

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Video SEO Works

Many businesses and people, unfortunately, neglect one of the most important parts of video SEO in 2023.

Know what it is?


Video SEO services have become pivotal for websites to rank on Google in 2023.

Not only can you appear in Google's organic search results pages but also:

  • Google video search
  • Google image search
  • YouTube search

Make sure you do watch the video above to see exactly how I did it. It's only 8 minutes.

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Quick tip to rank on the first page of Google with Video SEO

So, how can you improve your chances of appearing on the 1st page of Google?


Create a high-quality, helpful video. This can be in the form of a how-to video, for example.

I'll never forget the one time I had a severe plumbing issue in my house.

I had just completed a pretty tough workout and was ready for a shower. There was just one problem though...

As I entered my bathroom my shower was spraying out in all different directions like a water park.

It wasn't good.

It was also a Sunday so that left me with no hope except to figure out a way to repair it myself.

That's where YouTube came in.

Luckily, YouTube had a short but very helpful video to help me solve the exact problem I had.

So, that's why you want to upload your own YouTube videos. 

When you upload a video on YouTube, make sure to also embed the URL on your website, usually in the form of a blog post (just like this one).

This will help you rank not only on YouTube but also Google.

And one more thing.

Use a good SEO research tool specifically designed for video. I like vidIQ.

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