Google Bard vs ChatGPT

Google Bard can do something ChatGPT cannot. 

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Do you know what Google Bard can do that ChatGPT cannot?

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Google responds with its version of ChatGPT.

Who will win? From what I've read in this video, there is ONE thing Google Bard will be able to do that ChatGPT cannot.

And it could be a game-changer.

But with most technology, when one company invents or improves, other companies are right there with them, constantly innovating themselves.

The AI battles will be fun and interesting to watch.

Here's the breakdown:

00:00 Intro

00:45 Google Bard Features

01:12 What Google Bard will be able to do that ChatGPT cannot

05:25 Trying something with ChatGPT that Google Bard says it can do

06:12 Conclusion

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