Canva AI Magic Write

Is it better then ChatGPT?

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How to use Canva AI Magic Write.

Have you heard of Canva's new, own version of AI-ChatGPT? I tested it out to find out...and I loved it! Canva already offers a ton of bang for the buck, BUT this new, innovative addition just gave them a Level-Up.

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In this video, we take a look at Canva Docs, their Magic Tool, their Magic Write Tool, and their AI Text to Image Generator. AI has been all the rave right now, and honestly, I love it. Just be careful not to depend on it (too much) because ultimately we still want to provide our own, unique perspective and human touch to it. And stay tuned to our future videos where we'll discuss more AI tools, SEO tips, marketing strategies, and personal growth hacks.

Here's the breakdown:

Here's the breakdown:

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Canva pricing
01:13 New Doc Creator overview
02:40 Trying Canva Docs
02:56 Magic Tool
04:14 Canva Magic Write
07:08 Convert docs to a presentation
08:14 Canva AI Text to Image Generator
10:25 Conclusion

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