ChatGPT and SEO: A winning combination

Elevate your SEO game with ChatGPT with this #1 content strategy designed to help you rank higher. 

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ChatGPT and SEO optimization techniques

Combine Google Keyword Planner with ChatGPT for a traffic-boosting SEO content strategy. Watch the video above to see exactly how to leverage ChatGPT for better SEO. HINT: You'll love this tip.

Google Keyword Planner

Use Google Keyword Planner to find a trending keyword with a high three-month change percentage and average monthly searches of 100 to 1000. Make sure you watch the video above to see exactly how this works. Once perfected, your SEO will level up. 

Google's People Also Ask

Use the "People also ask" section on Google to find additional questions to answer in the content. Copy five to ten of the "People also ask" questions from your Googled keyword. You will then use these in ChatGPT.

Prompt ChatGPT to expand

To expand the content further, prompt ChatGPT to write a longer, more detailed blog post answering all the questions found in the "People also ask" section.

ChatGPT will then answer each question that you pasted. To take it a step further, ask ChatGPT to write an independent blog post from each "People also ask" question. This way, you will almost definitely be ensured you reach the one-thousand word mark for your blog post, content or webpage, etc. 



Prompt ChatGPT for SEO-friendly keywords

Prompt ChatGPT to generate SEO friendly content using the chosen keyword and usual blog post formatting options. 

You'll also want to ask ChatGTP to address and draft the main "People ask" questions as bulleted text. 

  • Ask ChatGPT for long-tail keywords
  • Ask ChatGPT for medium-tail keywords
  • Ask ChatGPT for "People also ask" for each additional long-tail and medium-tail keywords. 

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