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Copy/Paste prompt generators for AI art apps like Leonardo AI, Midjourney, Firefly, DALL-E and more. Plus other prompt generators for many categories. This page will receive updates so stay tuned. 

ChatGPT prompt engineering generators
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Prompts to Boost Your Content and YouTube Videos

For more/other prompts that are featured in my YouTube videos, scroll down to the heading entitled "Featured on YouTube"

These prompts below are actual prompt generators that help you improve your content and YouTube titles and thumbnails. 

Prompts to improve YouTube titles and thumbnails

Now, even though these prompts specifically mention YouTube titles and thumbnails, it’s important to remember one thing:

These prompts can actually be used for any sort of content creation, including: X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or even for your own blog. All you’ll have to do is just replace a few keywords.

For example, if you’re using these for a blog, just replace the word YouTube with “blog”.

YouTube Prompt Generators

ChatGPT Prompt Generators for DALL-E, Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Firefly

Click on each dropbox and copy/paste. Continuing scrolling for more prompt generators and other categories. Many of these are interchangeable as well, so try them with other AI apps.

ChatGPT Mega Prompts Database with tons of prompts

Mega Prompts Database

Thousands of the best prompts for every category, including AI Art, SEO, Content, YouTube, Marketing, Prompt Generators, and more. Only a one-time charge, but lifetime access. 

Leonardo AI Mega Prompts Database with Prompt Engineering

Leonardo AI Prompts Database

The best database you'll find. Hundreds of prompts in an immaculately organized database. Fine-tuned models, presets, filters, tags, and views. 

Photorealistic Prompts Ebook Digital Download

Photorealistic Prompts Ebook

Over 250+ pages of the best photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style prompts (with images). Constant updates

Featured on YouTube

Click on each dropbox and copy/paste. Continuing scrolling for more prompt generators and other categories. Many of these are interchangeable as well, so try them with other AI apps.

Buy ChatGPT prompts database and AI photo Ebook

2,000+ Prompts + Ebook Bundle

Get the mega prompts database + the Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. 

Prompts Database: Over 2000+ prompts, with new prompts added weekly

Prompts Ebook: 250 pages of the best prompts to generate photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style and animated images (digital link also contains constant updates. 

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

Triple Prompts Bundle

Triple Prompts Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Leonardo AI Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook.

Bundle: Prompts + Ebook

Prompts + Ebook Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. Constant updates. 

Prompt Re-writer Professional

You are the ultimate Prompt Professional, the most advanced ChatGPT prompt writer in the world. I will provide you a prompt.
Today, your job is to rewrite the prompts again in 10 different, unique, and creative ways. Now ask me what prompt to rewrite.

Paste your prompt, then let ChatGPT get to work.

Price: $11.99
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Get 2000+ ChatGPT Prompts

Get access to over 2,000+ ChatGPT prompts. These prompts are updated almost daily with a goal of reaching 5,000+ prompts soon. 

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You'll have lifetime access to this database, so anytime new prompts are added, you'll get them and will always have them at this price. Once the database reaches 2,000+ prompts we'll have to slightly increase the price. 

You'll receive this prompts database via: Airtable (preferred), Notion and Google Drive/Sheets (to add them to your own account).

Some of the best prompts will usually be featured in YouTube videos, so don't forget to subscribe 🙂

Keep scrolling down for more prompts...

ChatGPT Prompt Generators for Leonardo AI

Although these state for Leonardo AI, they can also be interchangeable with other AI Apps.

Midjourney prompt to create the letter M on fire

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ChatGPT Prompts for Midjourney

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

2,000+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

Amazing cinematic, photorealistic, animated, documentary & prompt generators

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

ChatGPT Prompts for Photorealistic Images

Hyper Car

Create an exhilarating 8K resolution photo that captures the essence of speed and excitement,masterpiece, audi tt, street, gazing into distance, city, photo, speed, dark, dynamic action, vignetting, light leaks, perfect composition, blue, hyperrealistic, volumetric lighting, cinematic, photorealistic

Documentary Style

documentary photography, hippo, captivating moments, award winning photography, shot on Agfa, taken with Hasselblad --ar 4:5

Lost Journey

wide angle minimalist photo of an astronaut in an icy shore, in a style of movie still, euphoria, teal grey and warm, muted tones:: mars, ocean, dark teal grey and warm, muted tones

Video Game

back view, [swordman male], [medieval city], [swordman clothes], videogame character, ue5, oc rendering, [morning light], hyper-realistic, 8k

Hunger Games

A Cinematic Scene from Drama movie "The Hunger Games", Close-up shot, A charismatic Katniss Everdeen played by actress Jennifer Lawrence with braided brown hair, holding a bow and arrow with a powerful flame illuminated on the tip of an arrow, captured by UHD Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera, complemented by the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens, ensuring every detail, Inspiring, Natural light

Stunning Model

Stunning Instagram model, woman, brunette hair, The photographer captured this stunning image with a wide-open aperture, creating a shallow depth of field that beautifully blurs the background. The soft focus draws attention to the model's captivating features. The ISO rating was kept low to maintain image quality, and a fast shutter speed was used to freeze any subtle movements. Golden hour sunlight bathes the model in a warm, flattering glow, casting gentle shadows that accentuate her curves and features. The soft, diffused light enhances the overall allure of the scene.

We'll be adding more to this page, so check back often...
In the meantime, check out these 100+ ChatGPT Prompt Genius Prompts.

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Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

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