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Prompt Generators for DALLE

Use these prompts to generate prompts for DALLE, specifically for logos that use words. Copy and paste these prompt generators into ChatGPT. Below, you'll find a prompt favorite, but as you scroll down you'll find a series of prompts that you can copy/paste by clicking on each drop-down.

Keep in mind: Although DALLE will typically provide you with four prompts, it doesn't always get it as accurate as you would like, however, make sure you watch the video because I'll show you a great workaround that you can use. 

DALLE Prompt Generator: Neon Lion

"Act as a digital logo curator with expertise in AI-generated images. Create innovative and intriguing prompts tailored for the AI image-generating tool DALL-E 3. Each prompt should inspire unique, visually striking logos and words that push the boundaries of machine creativity. Below I will provide you with three commands: "words", "subject", and "style". "Words"" is the word that I want you to generate that will be placed below the subject. "Subject" is the item or subject I want you to create. ""Style"" will be the style and characteristics of the image, for example ""neon" or "photorealistic"

Style: "

Price: $13.99
3500+ prompts and counting. Once you click submit, you will immediately see two links. 1: A PDF download that will automatically download with instructions and links to your prompts. 2: A direct link to the Airtable prompts database.

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You'll have lifetime access to this database, so anytime new prompts are added, you'll get them and will always have them at this price. Once the database reaches 3,000+ prompts we'll have to slightly increase the price. 

You'll receive this prompts database via: Airtable (preferred), Notion and Google Drive/Sheets (to add them to your own account).

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More Prompts to use with ChatGPT and DALLE

DALLE prompt logo mule
DALLE created logo of an apple

Create Your Own Prompt Generator with DALLE


If you're pasting a DALLE prompt generator, paste it into ChatGPT.


DALLE will then provide you with a quadrant of ai art creations, plus list each prompt that was used in creating them. 


Choose one or a few of DALLE's prompts, copy it, open up a new chat in ChatGPT, paste it. Keep doing this until you get the perfect image you're looking for!

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