How to use JasperAi's New Chat Feature

How does it compare to ChatGPT's?

Play Video has a new(ish) feature that's supposed to emulate ChatGPT's easy conversational AI. It's called "Chat," and it shows to be in Beta.

I tried it out (only Jasper's Chat function) to see how well it performed when asking it a few requests. I know that Jasper can do a lot more, but in this video, I just focused on their new Chat feature.

In my next upcoming video, however, I put to the test against ChatGPT in a 1 vs. 1 battle to see which AI technology was easier to use when it came to creating content.

And, thanks again for watching and subscribing.

Here's the breakdown:

00:00 Introduction

00:45 functions

01:09 Create a list of 10 blog post titles

01:58 Write a blog post regarding 10 reasons to love coffee

02:34 Asking to make it longer

03:05 I ask to make it "funnier"

05:30 Conclusion

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