How to write a blog post with ChatGPT, 1000 words.

Watch over my shoulder as I take ChatGPT for a test-drive. 

how to write a 1000 word blog post with ChatGPT

Have you ever been stuck coming up with blog post content, catchy titles, or topics? Or how about suffering from writer's block? Writer's block is where you've hit a freeze point in writing your content and just can't find a good starting point. In this video, you'll discover how ChatGPT can help you solve writer's block. Or maybe you just need to give your creative juices a BOOST. 

Watch over my should when I write a blog post with ChatGPT. In fact, I wanted to see if ChatGPT could do the heavy lifting, so I asked it to write a 1,000-word blog post to be exact.

Can it do it?

Watch the video below to find out.

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What I asked ChatGPT

Now, I was very impressed with ChatGPT.

But that's not without a little bit of caution.

Why caution?

Because as awesome as ChatGPT is, I wouldn't recommend using it as the end-all, be-all when writing your content. I will, however, recommend using it as your base outline or crutch to help guide you and provide you with the perfect topics you're looking for.

Expand on it with YOUR own personal touch. 

ChatGPT can be a HUGE time-saving tool, but it's important to always use your own personal, humanized touch.

Why do I say this?

Because one of Google's latest updates is called Helpful Content Update for a reason. It's important that each piece of content your produce or write is unique and original to you. The last thing you want to do is have copy that doesn't "sound" like you or sounds too robotic. But from the times I've used ChatGPT I was amazed.

Whenever I asked it to write a blog post, it worded everything almost magically, I was wowed. And when I thought it sounded too "robotic" or professional I could change it by adding one more subsequent request...

Make it funnier. 

LOL, and it did. It's amazing how ChatGPT knew what I meant by that. So when I asked it to "make it funnier" it took the original piece of cotent and rewrote it in a way more lighthearted way.


ChatGPT knows. 

When you provide a request to ChatGPT, the content it spews out (very fast I must say - and pretty accurately) is AI generated from its own algorithms.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered Chatbot and uses what's called the GPT-3.5 language technology that has been trained on a ton of data from all over.

And that's the key thing. 

ChatGPT generates text based on the input provided. Once I asked it to provide instructions on how to grill a steak, a filet mignon. I chose filet mignon because...

A. I love them
B. It's the hardest (IMO) steak to get "just right" for me - between medium rare and medium.

And I was amazed.

It really did give the perfect instructions on how to do it.

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how to write a 1000 word blog post with ChatGPT

Everything I asked ChatGPT to do

In my video, here were my requests to ChatGPT...

  1. Give me 10 blog post ideas related to SEO
  2. Give me 10 more
  3. Generate a creative title for a blog post
  4. What are some good tips for writing a successful blog post?
  5. Compare ChatGPT's results with Google's
  6. How to use ChatGPT and Google together
  7. Ask ChatGPT to write a 1000-blog post
  8. Make my blog post more lighthearted
  9. Summary on ChatGPT, used with Google
  10. ChatGPT, write a blog post on how to grill a steakk, filet mignon

When I asked ChatGPT to give me 10 blog post ideas relating to SEO

Here's the ten it gave me: 

  1. The top 10 SEO trends to watch in 2023
  2. A beginner's guide to on-page SEO
  3. The impact of voice search on SEO strategies
  4. The role of content in a comprehensive SEO plan
  5. Maximizing local SEO: Tips and tricks for small businesses
  6. Technical SEO best practices for improving website performance
  7. The importance of link building in today's SEO landscape
  8. The role of AI and machine learning in SEO
  9. How to track and measure SEO success with analytics
  10. SEO best practices for e-commerce websites
Asking ChatGPT to give me 10 blog post ideas relating to SEO

Hey, ChatGPT. Give me ten more!

What if the original ten weren't enough? That's where you can ask ChatGPT to provide ten more ideas.

Give me ten more...

  1. The importance of mobile optimization in SEO
  2. How to optimize for featured snippets and position zero
  3. The connection between social media and SEO
  4. The role of video in SEO and how to optimize videos for search
  5. SEO for startups: How to get ahead with a small budget
  6. Keyword research for SEO: Strategies and tools
  7. The impact of voice search on SEO strategies (duplicate)
  8. Understanding and utilizing structured data for SEO
  9. Why a secure website is important for SEO
  10. Why optimizing for user experience is key for SEO success

It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good. 

asking chatgpt how to grill a steak, filet mignon

ChatGPT, how about that steak?

To conclude, take a look at the image above. 

Pretty good, huh?

When I asked ChatGPT for instructions on how to grill a steak (filet mignon), it did a pretty solid job of providing me with detailed steps.

Although I only asked ChatGPT how to grill a steak, it took the ambitious initiative to give me a few more steps.

Overachiever, ha!

For example, it first told me how to prepare my filet mignon - "take it out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature for 30 minutes."

Very nice! 

ChatGPT also told me how to properly prep my grill and the importance of letting the meat rest after removing it from the grill.

But what I really liked were the final grilling tips ChatGPT provided me at the end. It's almost as if it were telling me, "But wait, there's more!"


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