Finally Create Consistent Images with RenderNet AI

RenderNet AI has tools to create accurate images of the same face. 

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What is RenderNet AI?

Create AI Images with Unmatched Control

Generate images, AI influencers, iPhone-style photos, bokeh-style photos, control net, and more.

RenderNet offers a great utility of tools to help creators generate some amazing-looking images, specifically of people. 

But one of my favorite features they offer is Face Lock. Face Lock is the perfect tool to create images or characters with the same face. In the past, this was hard to do (with other AI platforms), but with RenderNet's Face Lock tool, it gets a whole lot easier. 

Prompts to try with RenderNet AI

Create the perfect AI influencer with consistency. 

Try some of these prompts in RenderNet to generate some awesome images ⤵️

Using RenderNet AI's Face Look tool is incredibly easy.

Just upload a photo of a person (this will be considered the source image) and you'll be able to create any image via your prompt.

For example, if I upload an image of a woman skiing in the mountains as my source image, I can then generate a completely different one (like a woman at the beach instead), but with the same face as my source image.

Price: $9.97
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Using RenderNet AI to Create AI Influencers

Create a custom AI influencer-style image. 

AI Influencer

This is Ava.

I created Ava with a simple prompt: "Fitness Instagram model in a yoga studio, wearing fitness clothing"

I didn't use Face Look with this one, but generating great-looking AI influencers is as simple as typing in a short prompt.


Create consistent characters AI image

It's never been easier. This image was created using Face Lock in RenderNet AI 

Compare the above photo with the photo below. This time, I created this influence utilizing Face Lock. See how the two faces are the same (if not incredibly similar)?

Consistent AI Model with Face Look RenderNet AI

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RenderNet's User Friendliness

A clean, easy-to-use U/I makes RenderNet fun to use. 

RenderNet Face Lock

Check out this RenderNet Screenshot...
On the left-hand side is where you'll upload your source photo.
Just ensure it's a clear photo with your target looking into the camera (preferably).

RenderNet Pricing

RenderNet's pricing is a refreshing convenience.

Unlike other apps where you must pay monthly or annual subscriptions, RenderNet allows purchasing credits as needed.

This is a warm welcome because subscription plans can be expensive with all this new AI technology, which may limit people wanting to subscribe to new tools.

With RenderNet, you have the option to purchase credits based on three tiers:

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