These are some of the best Canva apps

One of the reasons Canva is one of the most innovative and valuable tools you MUST use is because of the APPs. So here are some of the best Canva apps (both native and 3rd party) 

What Makes Canva so Special

Canva is in my top-three, can't-live-without-apps.

Canva is one of those few tools that continuously updates and innovate constantly. And this is one reason why it makes Canva so special. 

For example, just in 2023 alone, Canva released one of the most impressed updates they've ever released. And, in my opinion this was one of the best, innovative updates any app or website has released. And 2023 was a year filled with new AI technology. 

And that's exactly what Canva released. 

Their amazing AI technology called "MAGIC Studio" 

Canva Magic Studio encompasses all of their awesome AI technology, and that's exactly where we'll start. 

Price: $9.99
The best photorealistic, cinematic and documentary-style prompts, including Prompt Generators (245 pages and counting).
Cinematic prompt ebook guide

Learn how to use Canva Magic AI

Watch these video's to learn and watch Canva's AI tools in action. 


Lottie animations for your designs.

LottieFiles gives you access to the world's most extensive library of over 100,000 Lottie animations. You can also bring your team's private library to Canva in just a few clicks.

You can use LottieFiles directly within Canva (which is awesome). In fact, all of these apps are used directly within Canva. 

LottieFiles allows you to create transparent PNG animations. 

This used to be a feat only available for still images, but now LottieFiles allows you to do this as video/animation files. 

metricsmule consulting
Lexus logo created in Canva via BrandFetch


Easily add brand logos to your design.

Say goodbye to searching for the latest brand logos - Brandfetch gives you instant access to millions of logos, colors, fonts, and more so you can elevate your designs.

Or get the Ultimate Prompts Bundle

Get the mega prompts database + the Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. 

Prompts Database: Over 1800+ prompts, with new prompts added weekly

Prompts Ebook: 245 pages of the best prompts to generate photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style and animated images (digital link also contains constant updates. 

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook


Did you know you could use DALL-E directly within Canva?

DALL-E is an AI image generator by OpenAI. 
You can generate realistic images in Canva via DALL-E by providing it with simple text-to-image prompts. And it does a great job. 

ChatGPT Midjourney Prompt Buy for shoes
Create custom GPTs for image generating prompts


Try Canva's GPT in ChatGPT

Create designs, videos, templates, presentations, and more with CanvaGPT. In ChatGPT, go to CanvaGPT and simply provide a prompt (whatever you need to design), and Canva will make it directly in ChatGPT. From there, visit Canva and modify it to the style you want. 

Why buy this ChatGPT prompt Ebook?

🚀 No guessing: Every prompt you see in this Ebook will also display a corresponding image - that way you know exactly what type of image will be created

🎯 Interchangeable: All prompts in this Ebook work with Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Adobe Firefly, DALL-E and more. We even include all relevant Midjourney parameters. 

🤖 Prompt Generators: Turn ChatGPT into a prompt engineering machine with these prompts that generate prompts. 

♻️ Continuous Updates: The digital link we'll provide contain over 245+ pages today, but it won't stop there - we'll keep adding new prompts and new images - and you'll always have access with this one-time purchase. So you'll be able to enjoy the best photorealistic prompts via 245 pages or evern 400+ pages. 

Cinematic Closeup style prompt


Size Up, Quality Up

Enhance and upscale any image up to 1,000% with AI technology in just one click. Say goodbye to pixelation and blue, and say hello to quality and clear images. 

ChatGPT Prompts Buy

Avatars by NeiroAI

Generate video avatars with human-like and microexpressions that accurately represent your brand. 

HeyGen AI Avatars

No camera, No Crew? No Problem!

HeyGen's integration within Canva turns your scripts into talking videos with customizable AI avatars for your designs in minutes, with astounding simplicity, efficiency and quality. 

This is my favorite AI Avatar app in Canva and my top-3 overall 3rd party apps in Canva. 

What sets HeyGen apart is the ability to upload your own, personal images or AI-generated images and turn them into a realistic talking Avatar. 

leonardo AI woman

Get yours today before the price increases.

Once the digital link exceeds 300 pages, we'll have to slightly increase the price. A ton of research and testing goes into creating this Ebook and we'll continue to add to it as we find and create more and more prompts.

Many of these prompt are our own and others are a re-creation of other's where we put our final touch on to ensure these can work across any AI Art app. 

Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

Amazing cinematic, photorealistic, animated, documentary & prompt generators

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