Leonardo AI Motion creates generative video in one click.

In Leonardo AI's most recent update and feature, Leonardo AI Motion turns heads (literally, if you want it to). In just one click, you can turn your AI-generated images created in Leonardo AI into high-quality, amazing videos. 

How to use Leonardo AI Motion

Transform your images and creations into amazing generative video.

Experience high-quality video with Leonardo AI Motion with just one click of a button. 
Here's how Leonardo AI describes their new feature, Motion: 

Motion is our cutting edge new feature that puts you in the director's seat. Revolutionize your process with one-click generative video. 

Using Leonardo AI Motion is extremely simple. After you've created or have chosen a generated image, simply click on the Image2Motion icon on the AI image generation page (or your personal feed) and watch your images come to life. 

After you've made your selection, you'll then have the ability to toggle the Motion Strength. 

Motion strength will indicate how much movement your images will have. TIP:  For closeup images or generations of people, adjust your Motion Strength to be on the lower side. Having a toggled motion strength too high will sometimes create blurry effects and jumpy movements. 

But this is just the beginning for Leonardo AI motion. There's no doubt that they'll be adding improvements and new features to this down the road. 


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Use This Prompt Generator For Leonardo AI Motion

This Leonardo AI prompt, used in ChatGPT will create Eight highly unique images for a variety of styles. Open up the dropbox below and copy/paste the prompt into ChatGPT. 

Once you paste your prompt, simply provide ChatGPT with two items: The number of image style you want (each number below corresponds with each image style) and your chosen subject. 

For example: 
2. Butterfly

  1. Ethereal style
  2. Bioluminescent style
  3. Cinematic style
  4. Electroluminescent style
  5. Photoluminescence 
  6. Vibrant colors palette
  7. Glowing paste purple phosphoresence
  8. Fortnite style


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Leonardo AI Motion Prompt Styles

Let's look at some of my favorite images created with this Leonardo AI Motion prompt generator. 

Once you generate some amazing images in Leonardo AI, you can transform them into Motion Video with a simple click. 

One of the best examples I've seen in Leonardo AI motion is the actual images below. These were all created in Leonardo AI using the prompt generator (above). To see how they actually turned out for generated video, take a look at my YouTube video here. 

Leonardo AI motion bioluminescent style


Vibrant and gradient colors for Leonardo AI Motion



Beautiful, neon glowing colors


PHOTOLUMINESCENCE style image for leonardo ai motion
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Bright, bold and neon Leonardo AI style



Photorealistic images for Leonardo AI Motion


leonardo ai motion cinematic style image, fruit basket
Fortnite style image for Leonardo AI Motion

Fortnite Style

Leonardo AI Motion Fortnite Images



Photorealistic, white-glowing images

Ethereal style image created for Leonardo AI Motion
Leonardo AI phosphoresence style prompt image


Glowing pastel purple silhouette


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