PromeAI is an app that can do it all.

Labeled as an AI-powered design assistant, PromeAI is an AI design generator that can wear a lot of different hats. 

The many features of PromeAI

From Sketch Rendering to Text Effects

PromeAI offers a ton. What makes this app and website so much fun to use are its visual aspects, plus the countless options to level up your design process.  

For example, if you have a current image you'd like to change the look of, no problem, just upload it to PromeAI, scroll through the many options, and choose a new style. 

I did this with a few different AI-generated images. 

I first generated a photorealistic image, and then, with just a click of a button, I transformed that image into anime style, pixel style, a sketch, and video game style. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite features and tools with PromeAI: 

  1.  Sketch rendering
  2. AI image generation
  3. Creative fusion
  4. Image variation
  5. Photo to sketch
  6. Background diffusion
  7. 3D text effects
  8. Image to video
  9. Text to video

Continue reading to check out some awesome PromeAI examples. 

To see them all in action, watch the video here. 

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Sketch rendering with PromeAI

With sketch rendering, you can instantly transform any image into a sketch. Simply upload a photo or drawing to be rendered. PromeAI can also instantly generate an image based off text.

PromeAI sketch rendering in one click

The sketch rendering feature is one of my favorites. But what really makes this so unique in PromeAI is the ability to do it all under only one roof.

So, you can first do one of two things:
1. Upload an existing image
2. Generate one with AI text-to-image prompting

Once you have your image selected, you can instantly turn your image into a sketch.

But the options continue. Not only can you choose a simple "sketch" but there are many different variations of sketches you can choose from.

There are different styles, rendering modes, effects, characteristics and design options.

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PromeAI Creative Fusion

Turn an image into a different style while maintaining the same characteristics. Blend the structural creativity of a sketch with different artworks and styles. 

Transform your photo with PromeAI creative fusion

Just like we used sketch rendering earlier, you can also do the reverse. In this image, we took a sketch of a home nestled in the mountains and easily transformed it into a really good-looking photo.

You'll also find a large variety of options and intensity to control the blending strength between your generated or uploaded image and chosen style.

PromeAI Creative Fusion and Image Variation

This is an awesome tool for real estate agents, architects, or anyone who uses mockups or 3D renders. You can quickly create different variations with different styles and environments...all while maintaining similar style schemes or changing them up. 


Prome AI Image Variation and Creative Fusion

Take an existing image and completely changeup the look, feel, and style.

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3D Text Effects

Upload a file of any text and instantly re-create it with unique and eye-catching 3D text effects. 

Text affects with PromeAI

Prome AI Image Variation

Use the PromeAI Image Variation tool to generate images with similar styles, layouts, perspectives, and sensory experiences.

Take a single bedroom with a single bed and quickly transform it into a large living room, loft style. In this photo, that's exactly what I did. 

First, I generated a single bedroom photo with a single prompt: Bedroom, modern style. From there, I used image variation by uploading my bedroom photo and then providing a different prompt: living room, loft style. 


PromeAI image variation generates similar styles


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