Turn Canva into a Prompt Engineering Machine

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Generate images with Canva as a prompt engineer with Magic Write

Canva Magic Write

Canva Magic Studio contains everything you need to take your creativity to the next level.

Canva Pro offers a ton. 

In fact, it would be impossible to list all of the best features of Canva Pro. So in this post we're going to focus on how you can turn Canva Magic Write into a prompt engineering machine. 

But if you don't have access to Canva Pro, you're missing out on all of the magic (Magic Studio). Canva Magic Studio is Canva's amazing AI technology that can do it all. Here are a few examples: 

  • Magic Write: Write with AI
  • Magic Erase: Remove any object with a click and drag
  • Magic Design: Create custom, attention-grabbing content instantly
  • Magic Switch
  • AI text-to-video
  • AI text to image (Canva's own Magic Media)
  • AI text to image via DALL-E
  • Magic Expand
  • Magic Grab
  • Magic Edit
  • Magic Morph
  • Magic Animate

Plus all of the other amazing 3rd party apps (free to use) that you can use directly within Canva, like HeyGen, DALL-E, RunwayML, AI Avatars and much more. 

Triple Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook + Leonardo AI Database

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

2,000+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

Featured YouTube Prompts

Below you'll find any Canva prompt that was featured in a YouTube video. Just click on one of the drop boxes below and copy/paste any prompt you'd like. 

Another impressive tip you can use to turn Canva into a prompt engineer via Magic Write it to simply type a specific keyword into Magic Write and then choose a dropdown option like "re-write", etc. Watch this video below to see how amazing this tip works in Canva.

Watch the Canva Prompt Videos Below

Want the best prompts to create amazing images?

Get the mega prompts database + the Photorealistic Prompts Ebook. 

Prompts Database: Over 2100+ prompts, with new prompts added weekly or daily. You'll have lifetime access with every new prompt we add. 

🎨 AI art
🚀 Content creation
🎯 Prompt generators
📖 Storytelling
🍿 Act as
🔥 Marketing
🪄 Much more

Prompts Ebook: 255 pages of the best prompts to generate photorealistic, cinematic, documentary-style and animated images (digital link also contains constant updates as well). 

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

2,000+ prompts, prompt generators, AI images, SEO, content & more

Photorealistic Prompt Ebook

Amazing cinematic, photorealistic, animated, documentary & prompt generators

Prompts+Ebook Bundle

Mega prompts database plus photorealistic prompts Ebook

Triple Bundle

Mega Prompts Database + Photorealistic Prompts Ebook + Leonardo AI Database

Canva Magic Write Knows Real-Time

Leonardo AI Motion is a new feature, but Canva knew exactly what it was when I asked it. 

Canva Real Time Knowledge

All I simply asked Canva was, "What is Leonardo AI Motion"

And just like that, Canva immediately provides me with a response.

Price: $8.97
1900+ prompts and counting. Once you click submit, you will immediately see two links. 1: A PDF download that will automatically download with instructions and links to your prompts. 2: A direct link to the Airtable prompts database.
Cinematic prompt ebook guide

Try the Canva Magic, here. 

Canva Pro is one of my top-3 can't-live-without apps. What makes Canva even better (recently) is all of the AI technology they've added and continue to add, update, and innovate to make it even more impressive. Before Canva, I would have subscriptions scattered around everywhere (one subscription for each need). However, now I've been able to condense that to less than half.

Here are a few examples of how I use Canva Pro.

  1. Photoshop: Canva Pro removes the background of images way better than Photoshop (in my opinion); this is a feature I need and use a lot. I also use it to design all of my YouTube thumbnails, create gradient backgrounds, and find stock images. I still use Photoshop, but I don't use it as much now.
  2. Stock Subscriptions: Since Canva provides a TON of stock items, I've been able to cancel a lot of EXPENSIVE stock item subscriptions, i.e., iStock, Storyblocks, etc. I still use a few, but I find myself using Canva Pro more and more. Some of my favorite stock items Canva provides are images, videos, shapes, icons, and even music.
  3. AI: As shown in the video, Canva Magic Write can do a lot of things ChatGPT can do. In addition, you can use Canva for AI image generation, as well as AI text-to-video via RunwayML. In addition to Canva's own Magic Studio for image generation, you also have the option to generate AI images using DALL-E (directly within Canva Pro itself). 

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