These Leonardo AI Finetuned Models Create Stunning Images

Kino XL and PhotoReal v2 are the newest Leonardo AI models and updates that generate amazing, cinematic images. 

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Create cinematic images with Leonardo AI finetuned model Kino XL

Meet Kino XL: Leonardo AI's Newest Finetuned Model.

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Leonardo AI's newest finetuned model is called Kino XL, and it's impressive. Here's Leonardo AI's description of this new model: 

Kino XL: A model with a strong focus on cinematic outputs. Excels at wider aspect ratios, and does not need a negative prompt.

This (along with AlebedoBase XL) is the best-fine-tuned model to generate award-worthy cinematic images. 

What's even better is that this new finetuned model works perfectly with this new prompt generator I created (see below for prompts to try). 

The prompt generator: The prompt generator you'll find below will instantly create a series of 6 images (all different styles) based on any keyword or subject that you provide. 

When you paste the prompt into ChatGPT, you'll immediately receive a prompt for these six styles: 

  • Cinematic Style
  • Documentary Style
  • National Geographic
  • GoPro Style
  • 8k Photorealistic
  • Extreme Closeup Shot

Featured YouTube Prompts

Below you'll find Leonardo AI prompts featured in YouTube videos plus a few more to help you generate cinematic-style images. 

When it comes to Leonardo AI's finetuned models, there are two that impress me the most, specifically when it comes to generating cinematic-style images.

AlbedoBase XL: My favorite Alchemy presets to use with AlbedoBase XL are Dynamic, Cinematic, and Photography.

Kino XL: For Kino XL, I like cinematic, photography, and environment. Environment is especially helpful when creating landscapes, architecture and animals.

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Try these keywords

For the finetuned model Kino XL, try some of these unique keywords in your prompts.

Leonardo AI Kino XL extreme closeup shot

Extreme Closeup Shot

Example: In an extreme closeup shot, focus exclusively on the young woman's face as raindrops gently fall down her face. Utilize a 300mm+ lens on a Sony Alpha 7 for maximum detail. Capture the raindrops in extreme detail, revealing the intricacies of each droplet as they interact with her skin, The woman has [choose your color] eyes.

Leonardo AI wide angle prompt

Wide Angle

Example: Wide angle minimalist photo of an astronaut, interstellar style, in a style of cinematic still, directed by James Cameron, displaying euphoria, teal grey, with warm, muted tones: mars, ocean, dark teal grey and warm, muted tones


Vapor Background

Example: Beautiful Instagram model, exotic woman, vapor background

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